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Anti condensation paint

Our unique Warmerwall anti condensation paint is a condensation solution that can dramatically reduce the formation of condensation on interior walls and ceilings helping to alleviate any problems with black mould and damp patches while potentially saving you money on your energy bills and helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

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More about our anti condensation paint

The Warmerwall anti condensation paint used by our experienced technicians is a specialist water based emulsion that acts as a thermal barrier between cold wall surfaces and the warm humid air found in the atmosphere. As a result, walls and ceilings treated with the paint will be more resistant to the buildup of moisture and other problems associated with condensation such as mould and fungal growth - which can cause severe and permanent spoiling of decorative surfaces.

As an additional benefit, once applied, the thermal properties of our anti condensation paint effectively prevents warm air from inside the property escaping through the walls and dissipating outside therefore saving the user money on their heating bills and reducing their carbon footprint.

How does anti condensation paint work?

Our Warmerwall anti condensation paint reduces the formation of condensation and adds an extra layer of insulation to walls and ceilings through utilising glass bubble technology.

Glass bubbles are 100% non-toxic hollow spheres about the thickness of a human hair that, when incorporated into a paint film, act as miniature thermos-like bottles. This provides a thermal barrier between cold surfaces and the warmer ambient temperature within a living space.

As a result, walls treated with the anti condensation paint actually feel warmer to the touch because the heat from your hand is being reflected back, instead of being drawn to the colder surface of the wall and escaping.

What are the benefits of using our anti condensation paint

  • Reduces the formation of water droplets. Less time spent having to soak up excess water from the walls
  • Helps to reduce black mould and fungal growth keeping the surface clean and healthy and odour free
  • Resists thermal transfer through walls and ceilings helping to keep the heat within your property
  • Low thermal conductivity - less heat being lost through the walls the paint is applied to
  • Helps to reduce heating costs by helping to keep the heat in
  • Helps to improve the room climate
  • Can be painted over to whatever colour you want

Once our technicians apply the Warmerwall anti condensation paint your walls will be returned to their natural dry and appealing condition.

Anti condensation paint can really make a dramatic difference as you seek to transform dank and damp rooms into warm resplendent and healthy environments.

Is anti condensation paint the right solution for me?

If it is the case that you are applying anti condensation paint without putting into place any of our suggested DIY solutions to prevent condensation or that you have not considered mechanical solutions such as better air ventilation of positive pressure systems; then on its own the anti condensation paint is not going to stop the excess condensation and black mould growth.  Its will certainly help stop it from taking root as quickly as normal,  but the problem will eventually come back.

Here at Peter Cox we are passionate about creating fresh and habitable spaces for our customers. That is why we will only prescribe anti condensation paint treatment if we are certain that it is the most suitable and effective way to treat your condensation problems.

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If you would like to find out more about how our Warmerwall anti condensation paint can help to protect and preserve your property helping to save you money on energy bills, then call your local branch our call 0800 633 5712 or fill out the online form below and we will get back in touch with you.

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