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Peter Cox Guarantee

Peter Cox, founded in 1951 and the UK leader in its field, is widely recognised as a company to trust with any aspect of property preservation. We have been providing long term guarantees, issuing over 500,000 for over 40 years. Our experience in property preservation and our excellent trading history provides assurances for both private and commercial customers.

Guarantee Claims

If our treatment hasn’t worked and it’s guaranteed, we’ll put it right – simple as that.

If you feel you have a problem is in an area of your property that was originally treated and guaranteed by Peter Cox you can fill in our claims form.

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What if I have a Complaint?

Whether our work is under guarantee or not, if you feel dissatisfied in any way with the service you have received, we want to hear from you. We send out a questionnaire with the guarantee so this is a first opportunity for you to express your views. We pride ourselves on a high level of customer satisfaction but on rare occasions things sometimes go wrong.

So if you feel you’ve cause for complaint, contact the branch who handled the work for you and explain why you are dissatisfied.

Next Steps

*Survey enquiries for your local branch will be directed to our dedicated central survey control teams across the UK. Calls to 0800 and 0808 numbers are free unless you are calling from a business phone, in which case the rate will be set by your provider.