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Peter Cox in Portsmouth

Peter Cox has been in the property preservation business since 1951 specialising in damp proofing, timber treatments and basement waterproofing. Our surveyors can also tackle problems associated with dampness and water ingress, from wet rot and dry rot, to condensation issues, rising damp and penetrating damp.

Our knowledge and experience have allowed us to build on our expertise over the years, allowing us to offer quality property preservation services and great customer satisfaction.

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Property Preservation Services in Portsmouth

The city is in Hampshire on the south coast, near the towns of Havant, Waterlooville, Eastleigh, and Gosport. Portsmouth has an especially temperate mild climate, enjoying some of the sunniest weather in the country, twinned with significant rainfall. Due to its location, Portsmouth manages to avoid the worst of the northerly winds as it's protected by the Portsdown Hill, and this is reflected in its higher-than-average monthly temperatures.

Portsmouth is a naval city and houses many historic ships and museums, including Nelson’s HMS Victory, the 1860 HMS Warrior and Henry VIII’s Mary Rose. The city’s Old English name “Portesmuða” is derived from port, meaning a haven, and muða the mouth of a large river or estuary. King Alfred may have  built ships in Portsmouth as early as the 9th century, and the first industrial production line in the world, for sailing rigging, was built in the early 19th century.

As a coastal city, Portsmouth has issues with seagulls and bird fouling. Birds can be a real nuisance for commercial buildings, bridges and structures. They can clog rainwater systems and make fire escapes unusable. This over time this will increase maintenance costs and jeopardise the health of staff and customers. Peter Cox offer a wide range of services from fouling removal to bird deterrence measures.

Housing in portsmouth ranges from historic buildings and pre-war terraced housing to more modern housing estates. During the Second World War the city was bombed extensively in the Portsmouth Blitz. Many of the city’s houses were damaged and areas of Landport and Old Portsmouth were destroyed. Some historic buildings were damaged and have since been restored.

Whether a property may be old or a newly built, housing can still be affected by penetrating damp, so it's essential to maintain your property correctly and look out for signs. The most common cause is from blocked guttering or rainwater drains or porous brickwork. If left penetrating damp can cause severe problems to structural timber, and may lead to woodworm or wet rot outbreaks.

Condensation is the most common form of dampness in homes over the winter months and can lead to peeling decorations, unhealthy living conditions and potentially risky mould growth. Fortunately for homeowners, condensation can be relatively easy to diagnose and detect. If you notice signs of damp or condensation in your home, book a survey with us and one of our experts will visit your home for inspection.