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Crack stitching

Crack stitching is a permanent and very successful method of structural repair for fixing cracks in brick walls and for properties suffering with cracks in the masonry and in the mortar bed joints.

In summary, ‘stitching’ cracked brick walls requires using bars grouted into the bed joint, overlapping the crack in the wall. Similar to the way thread is used to stitch two pieces of cloth together. Crack stitching is very resilient and a very cost effective solution for repairing wall cracks.

Repairing cracked brick walls

Stitching or repairing cracked brick walls is rarely a uniform process.  Cracks vary in size and depth and the cracks can be horizontal, ‘stepped’ cracking, or a combination of both. Once cracks appear on the external wall, it is critical to reinforce the structural masonry to prevent further damage.

Prior to any work taking place, it is essential the cause of the crack is first established. If you are not an expert yourself, we would suggest you contact a qualified individual such as a structural engineer or ourselves at Peter Cox to inspect the property and recommend the best course of action. Structural repairs can be a complex and require the skills and expertise of an experience individual to assess the damage and find the root of the problem.

Fixing cracks in brick walls - How crack stitching works

Repairs carried out using crack stitching will provide resistance against further cracking and strengthen the structure of the masonry, offering a minimum disruption and permanent solution when it comes to fixing cracks in brick walls.
The process, very similar to lintel repairs, involves inserting long metal bars into the brickwork bed joints and grouted into place.  It is as follows:

  • Deep chase - Two deep chases are made into the mortar to create a gap in the bed joint.
  • Cleaned and grouted - The deep chases are cleaned out to remove any debris and a bead of grout is injected.  
  • Bars cut to size- High grade stainless helical bars are cut down to size to fit into the bed joint.  
  • Set and Grouted - The bars are then inserted into the bed joint and pushed into the grout. A second bead of grout is then applied on top.
  • Concealed - Once in place, the crack is concealed using mortar to maintain the original style of the property.

Benefits of crack stitching

The Benefits of crack stitching include;  

  • Easily fixed, even in weak materials
  • Invisible when installed
  • Once installed provides flexibility to the mortar
  • Versatile applications - designed for the job

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