Positive pressure ventilation condensation solution

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Positive pressure ventilation

Designed to deal with the toughest and most extensive condensation and black mould issues, our Dry Air positive pressure ventilation systems work quietly yet extremely rigorously to expel condensation problems even in stubborn cases.

The most thorough condensation solution

Our Dry Air Positive Pressure Ventilation units are designed to thoroughly tackle the consequences of excessive condensation, even in households that have suffered severe and persistant condensation problems.  It works by increasing the flow of fresh, dry and ambient dry heated air throughout the property that ultimately leads to pushing out the damp, stale and stagnant air within the property. As a result, after about 4-6 weeks the effects of condensation are dramatically reduced and rooms are transformed into healthy and condensation free environments.

Installation of positive pressure ventilation

In most cases, positive pressure ventilation units are relatively straightforward to install, and the air ventilation they provide will combat condensation regardless of which room it is installed in.

Once installed the units will effectively solve the myriad of condensation problems associated with excessive condensation such as peeling wallpaper and damaged or stained plaster and paint. They will prevent the germination of black mould and after a period of time you will notice that persistent damp and musty smell is no longer present in the room.

Our industry leading and accredited surveyors will only recommend installing a positive pressure ventilation system if they are absolutely certain that it will dispel your condensation problems.

Is my property suitable for positive pressure ventilation?

Regardless of the type of property you live in, whether it is a bungalow or multi storey flat, we have units designed to ventilate your house properly to tackle any condensation problems.

  • Loft Mounted Unit - Taking advantage of the benefits of solar gain in the loft space, this is the ventilation unit of choice if you have a loft or roof void space. It is ideally situated and is well hidden away. Fresh air is drawn from the operating position in the loft, and delivered to the rest of the property. The unit contains an integral pre-heater for use in periods of low external temperature.

  • Wall Mounted Unit - Designed for use in the hallway or landing of a flat, this unit uses the same low watt motor technology as the loft mounted unit. Fresh air is drawn into the home and mixes with the warm air that accumulates at ceiling level,  re-distributing heat around the rooms and forcing moisture-laden air out of the property.

Either style of ventilation unit can be used in conjunction with our unique heat recovery ventilation units. However, we can only provide our condensation services after speaking with the homeowner or landlord, so if you are renting or otherwise do not own the property then you may wish to talk to your landlord or local housing authority to discuss whether they would be interested in contacting us about our positive pressure ventilation service.

Benefits and features of positive pressure ventilation

  • Low running cost. Normally less than 1p per day
  • Quiet operation and variable speed settings meaning no noise and a solution that works harder is it detects excessive moisture
  • Superior long-life filter to absorb and sterilise the air
  • Agrément Board approved
  • Ultra low watt DC motor technology
  • 5 year guarantee

Our positive pressure ventilation service

If our Dry Air positive pressure ventilation unit sounds like the ideal solution to a condensation and back mould problem in your property, then do not hesitate to get in contact with your local branch of Peter Cox.

At Peter Cox we are very proud that our condensation and damp services have been approved and ratified by the bodies that govern our industry such as the PCA, Which? and TrustMark amongst others.

Our highly trained surveyors and experienced technicians will ensure that from the first visit to your property to right through to the final installation of our Dry Air positive pressure ventilation system, you have a system that is right for you and the you finally will start to alleviate and solve you condensation problems.

Contact us about positive pressure ventilation

To find out more or book an appointment with one of our positive pressure ventilation specialists simply call 0800 633 5712.  Alternatively complete the online form below and we will get back in touch with you.

We can only survey the property and install our ventilation units after speaking to the homeowner, so if you are currently renting then we would advise that you talk to your landlord first.

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