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Cavity wall tie replacement

Millions of homes and properties across the UK suffer from either wall tie corrosion or wall tie failure, and are in need of specialist remedial wall tie replacement. More often than not the problem is that during building there have been insufficient wall ties installed.

In order to remedy this, Peter Cox have perfected our cost effective and non intrusive cavity wall tie replacement service. Read on to find out more, or get in touch with our structural repair and cavity wall tie experts by clicking on the button below.

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What are wall ties?

Cavity wall ties and brick ties are terms that are used interchangeably to refer to long metal strips that tie the inner and outer walls together, creating a space that is known as the cavity void or cavity wall

Constructing walls this way improves the stability of the building, helps to protect the property against the elements and will also minimise the amount of heat you lose through your home.

How to check if you have cavity walls

The two most common and effective ways to check if you have cavity walls are:

  1. Check the brickwork pattern - If your external wall has a nice neat pattern this means you likely do have cavity walls. If the pattern is irregular with some long bricks and short bricks then the likelihood is that you have solid walls.
  2. Measure the width of the wall - You can do this by taking a measuring tape to a door or window frame to measure the space between the external and internal wall. Generally if the space of more than 26cm then you do have cavity walls, while anything less means you probably have solid walls.

If you are unsure whether you have cavity walls or not then give our team a call for some expert help and advice.

What are the signs of cavity wall tie failure?

Unfortunately, cavity wall tie failure is only visible once the effects of cavity wall tie corrosion cause damage to the internal and external walls.
The ‘tell-tale signs’ of cavity wall tie failure include:

  • Horizontal cracking – at regular intervals in external mortar joints
  • Outward bulging of the wall – joints widen causing the wall to deflect outwards, often around window frames
  • The lifting of roof edges – at gables the growth of brickwork can cause a noticeable ‘pagoda’ effect
  • Internal cracks – vertical cracks may be found at internal wall junctions & horizontal cracks appear at internal wall & ceiling joints
  • Cracks to render coats

If you have experienced any of these issues then cavity wall tie failure could be to blame. Contacting a qualified expert to inspect your walls would be beneficial to diagnose the cause of your property problems as well as recommend the best course of action to remedy them. Delaying any form of treatment for cavity wall tie problems tends only to lead to further deterioration to the building.

What causes cavity wall tie failure

Originally cavity wall ties were made using iron or steel to ensure their stability however, under damp conditions, iron or steel corrode. To prevent them from deteriorating, wall ties were galvanised with a protective zinc coating.

Yet over time, it is not uncommon for wall ties to corrode as a result of the protective coating breaking down. The most frequent causes for this is down to insufficient wall ties being used during construction.

  • No industry standard implemented before 1945
  • Substandard galvanisation
  • Corrosive black ash mortar used
  • Location of the property - properties along the coast or areas more susceptible to driving rain and salt laden atmospheres are more at risk.

Cavity wall tie replacement

Firstly, to establish the extent of the wall tie repairs and replacements required, our fully trained and professional surveyor will arrange the property inspection at a time that suits you.

To locate the position of existing cavity wall ties, we use a range of specialist equipment such as metal detectors to plot the different locations of the wall ties and endoscopes to inspect the condition of cavity walls ties.

The existing ties are isolated and extracted to prevent further corrosion with the new ties inserted in their place. Furthermore, your property is covered by our Peter Cox 20 year guarantee; giving you peace of mind should the wall tie area that was recently repaired cause problems in the future, Peter Cox will be there to put it right - simple as that!

Types of replacement wall ties

Our standard replacement wall ties are formed in austenitic stainless steel, replacement ties are available in differing lengths to suit cavity widths up to 110mm. All designs incorporate a drip detail to prevent transmission of water across the cavity.

A range of alternative wall tie designs are available: resin, drive tie or cementitious, so your property surveyor will recommend the best option for you. This depends on the type and condition of the masonry involved.

How much does replacing wall ties cost?

The eventual cost of cavity wall tie replacement will depend on the severity of the problem and how many cavity wall ties you need to replace.
At Peter Cox we have a  team of local cavity wall tie survey specialists who will visit your property to conduct an investigation so they can understand the scale of the problem at hand. You will then receive a written report outlining the costs to repair and strengthen your wall by replacing your cavity wall ties.
We also offer Cavity Wall Corrosion insurance that protects your whole house should you have a cavity wall tie problem again in the future. Unlike other banks and building societies, we insure residential properties from flats to houses and mansions that event specialist insurers will not cover.

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