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Cavity wall ties

Millions of homes and properties across the UK suffer from either cavity wall tie corrosion or cavity wall tie failure. More often than not the problem is that during building there have been insufficient wall ties installed.   

At Peter Cox however, when it comes to structural repairs such as cavity wall ties, we can make the process of repair cost effective and non intrusive.

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What are cavity wall ties?

Cavity wall ties are long metal strips that tie the inner and outer walls together, creating a space that is known as the cavity void or cavity wall. Installed during construction, cavity wall ties are used to minimise heat loss and to help the property protection itself against against weathers conditions.

What are the common signs of cavity wall tie failure?

It can be difficult to spot signs of corrosion manifesting on wall ties. Unfortunately, cavity wall tie failure is only visible once the effects of cavity wall tie corrosion causes damage to the internal and external walls.

If this damage has been caused, the ‘tell-tale signs’ of cavity wall tie failure include:

  • Horizontal cracking – at regular intervals in external mortar joints
  • Outward bulging of the wall – joints widen causing the wall to deflect outwards, often around window frames
  • The lifting of roof edges – at gables the growth of brickwork can cause a noticeable ‘pagoda’ effect
  • Internal cracks – vertical cracks may be found at internal wall junctions & horizontal cracks appear at internal wall & ceiling joints
  • Cracks to render coats

If you have any doubts of your cavity wall ties or think your property has any issues, contacting a qualified expert to inspect your property can be beneficial to inspect the extent of the problem as well as recommend the best course of action for you. Delaying any form of treatment can make a problem a lot worse and lead to much bigger problems.

What is involved in cavity wall tie survey?

To establish the extent of the cavity wall damage, our highly experienced and professional surveyors can arrange to inspect your property at a time that suits you. We always would recommend a cavity wall tie survey with a highly trained professional, especially if you have spotted the signs of cavity wall tie failure already.

To locate the position of existing cavity wall ties, our surveyors use a range of specialist equipment such as metal detectors to plot the different locations of the cavity wall ties and an endoscope to inspect the condition of cavity walls ties. By assessing the scale of the problem, our Peter Cox surveyor will be able to determine the extent of the damage and create a bespoke repair plan along with recommended the best course action for you.


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Repairing and replacing cavity wall ties

As part of our Peter Cox service, your bespoke repair plan will be tailored to meet your individual property needs with a range of designs options available to suitable your property and requirements. Depending on the scale and the condition of the masonry, your property surveyor will recommend the best option for you.

As part of the treatment, the existing ties are isolated and extracted to prevent further corrosion with the new ties inserted in their place.

As part of your treatment plan, your property is covered by our Peter Cox 20 year guarantee; giving you peace of mind should the wall tie area that was recently repaired cause problems in the future, Peter Cox will be there to put it right - simple as that!

We also offer Cavity Wall Corrosion insurance that to protects your whole house should you have a cavity wall tie problem elsewhere within the property against any future damage to your property. Unlike other banks and building societies, we insure residential properties from flats to houses and mansions that event specialist insurers will not cover.

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For more information about cavity wall ties, speak to a member of our team. We offer friendly helpful advice that you can trust and if we think you can benefit from a house inspection, we can arrange of our Peter Cox Surveyors to visit your property.

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