Structural Repairs

Structural Repairs

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Structural repairs

Properties often require structural repairs due to age, deterioration or unavoidable environmental effects, for example water damage or subsidence. At Peter Cox, our qualified and experienced team are specialists in brick wall repair and other structural repairs.

We pride ourselves on offering bespoke services for Crack Stitching, Lintel Repairs, Structural Anchoring and Cavity Wall Ties; tailoring each treatment to your needs and requirements. To find out how we can apply our specialist knowledge to restore your property, speak to one of our structural repair experts on 0800 633 5712 or fill out the enquiry form below and we will get back to you.

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What structural repair do you need?

As the UK market leaders in structural repair provision we have a team nearby ready to get to work strengthening and repairing your property.

To help you identify the type of structural repair you need and what is involved, click on the links below to find out more:

Does your building need a structural repair contractor?

If you are experiencing problems with your building and there is no clear cause, then enlisting the advice of a structural reapirs contractor will allow them to assess both the extent and the cause of the damage. There are however, a few warning signs to watch out for that would indicate structural repairs will likely be required at some point.

The tell-tale signs of structural repairs are needed include;

  • Cracked masonry
  • Damp proofing issues
  • Slumping in the masonry
  • Ground movement

What causes structural problems?

Over time, structural damage is not uncommon in older properties. However, even newer properties can develop problems in the brickwork and stonework due to circumstance outwith the buildings control.

Put simply, when movement occurs around a property a fixed building is typically not built to bend without fracturing. This type of structural damage can occur in the home for a number of reasons including;

  • defected drains in the area
  • tree roots close to the property
  • rise or fall in the level of the water table
  • Ground movement/settling

An experienced property surveyor will be able to advise the underlying cause of any cracks and recommend the best course of treatment.

Enquire about structural repair solutions

Structural repair solutions

At Peter Cox, we are very proud of our experience and expertise over the last 70 years at helping our customers across the country resolve their structural repair problems.  

Our structural repair solutions are generally non-intrusive and cost effective, and our qualified team will only utilise repair methods that have been approved and ratified by industry trade bodies.
If you know what type of structural repair you need, why not visit our dedicated web pages on Crack Stitching, Lintel Repairs, Structural Anchoring and Cavity Wall Ties. From there you will be able to gain a better understanding of the work needed to repair the structural issue.

Contact our structural repair contractors near you

The thought of any form of structural repairs can be a daunting experience for anyone but at Peter Cox we are here to help.

We have local teams of structural repair contractors across the country ready to give helpful and friendly advice or to answer any queries you may have. If however, you think you will benefit from a house inspection we can arrange a survey of your property by one of our professional surveyors. 

Contact your local Peter Cox branch or give us a call on 0800 633 5712. Alternatively, complete our online contact form below for someone to contact you back.

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