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Property preservation CPD seminars

Peter Cox offer a range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions covering current practice and new developments in the industry, while helping professionals attain their required CPD training for professional status.  Our CPD’s are accredited by the CPD Standards Office

These sessions are regularly updated in line with new regulations, changes in the industry and new techniques and methods of treatment available.

We help property professionals from a variety of sectors ranging from Landlords and Housing Associations, to Architects and Engineers, develop and enhance their knowledge and understanding of a range of property preservation topics written by our trained and qualified team of expert presenters.

Online property services CPDs

We have numerous delivery options, including online webinars carried out using Zoom - allowing you to attend from the comfort of your office.

Peter Cox hold these quarterly, with anyone able to join the online CPD webinar campaigns. Register your interest below to receive an email invite for the next round of CPD webinars.

Should you require a virtual CPD webinar specifically for your business, depending on the number of attendees, you can also request these at a time and date convenient to you.

Face to face property services CPD’s

Should your office or business require an in depth face to face presentation, we are happy to deliver single CPD seminars or something uniquely tailored to suit you or your team’s specific needs, depending on the number of attendees.

We can also present a day of Housing Association specific interactive training based on the needs of customer facing teams. 

Register for a free seminar using the button below or continue reading to find out more about our individual CPD seminars.

CPD approved seminars and learning packages

Our sessions have been approved by the CPD Certification Service, and as an ongoing effort to help you continually improve your capabilities, you will automatically get access to support materials and courses on our 24/7 e-learning platform 'myLearning'.

Our courses are constantly being updated to align with legislation changes and our team are always looking for new material to bring to the table. To find out more detailed information about each topic follow the links below:

Damp control

A refresher on the different factors behind dampness in walls, this CPD will cover the following:

  • Measurement of all forms of damp (Rising, penetrating, salt and condensation)
  • Use of moisture profiling to aid diagnosis
  • Techniques for dealing with several types of damp ingress including lateral rainwater penetration, condensation and rising damp
  • Methods available for damp proofing and replastering

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Condensation control & improving air quality in the home

A seminar on how to manage air humidity, air temperature and wall surface temperature, this CPD will cover the following:

  • Environmental conditions for condensation and mould formation
  • Housing Regulations
  • Vapour production calculations and how to deal with condensation and moulds
  • Whole-house ventilation units and extract fans
  • Alternative condensation control solutions

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Basement waterproofing to BS8102

A review of the 3 Types of Waterproofing (Type A, Type B and Type C). This seminar will include:

  • Three grades of protection in below ground spaces
  • Explore the recent changes made by Premier Insurance and the NHBC and their warranty specifically to waterproofing in ‘new-build’ basements. Both are best known for their warranties as their major offer, with some insurance.
  • Changes to chapter 5.4 of their Technical Guidance Docs

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Woodworm, wet and dry Rot & timber repairs

This seminar will go over the main species of wood boring insects and wood rotting fungi including:

  • Their individual characteristics
  • Correct identification and the latest survey and treatment methods
  • The use of structural resins to repair large section timbers

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Structural repairs, history of wall ties and BS1243

This seminar covers:

- The extent of the wall tie corrosion problem in the UK
- Best surveying practice and BRE Digest 401 to visually grade wall tie condition
- Practical solutions to replace corroded ties, crack stitching, lintel creation and consolidating weak masonry with grout inflated anchors

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Free access to e-Learning

When you book a CPD Seminar with us you will automatically get access to our e-Learning platform, myLearning.

myLearning offers 24/7 access to relevant, topical information to help you and your staff understand and manage property related problems through our range of CPD accredited courses, with access to as many bundles as you would like.

With a wide range of packages to suit your learning needs, myLearning is key to continuing your professional development. Our courses are constantly being updated to align with legislation changes and our team are always looking for new material to add.

What those in the industry think of our CPD's

"I coordinated around 20hrs of external CPD for Martin Arnold Ltd last year and of all the companies that visited us, Peter Cox were certainly one of the most interesting, detailed and technical." - Jamie Collins (Martin Arnold Ltd)

We’d like to take this opportunity, on behalf of everyone at JBL, to thank Peter Cox, for hosting the recent outstanding seminar series. These have been some of the most detailed and informative seminars we’ve ever had.

Special shout out to Nicholas Donnithorne, who was a brilliant presenter." - J B Langley Associates Ltd

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