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Peter Cox in Teesside

Peter Cox, founded in 1951 and the UK market leader in its field offer various property preservation services for issues such as damp, dry rot & wet rot and structural timber replacement.

Our experienced team of surveyors can help identify and remove damp and structural timber problems. With a proven trading history, our damp proofing, basement waterproofing, woodworm and wood rot services are backed by the Peter Cox guarantee, providing you with property maintenance you can trust.

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Property preservation services in Teesside

Teesside is relatively drier than many other places in England, with about 650mm of rain each year. However, the winds from the North and North-East can be very cold which can lead to condensation. Preventing water ingress and retaining heat with proper insulation are issues facing many people in Teesside.

Middlesbrough is at the heart of Teesside, located on the River Tees. The town consists of Georgian houses which have been there since the town’s first homeowners moved to the area. It’s important to ensure old buildings are looked after, as they are more likely to develop mould and rot issues caused by water ingress. This can be from issues such as rising damp from lack of a proper damp proofing course, or from penetrating damp from guttering issues.

At Peter Cox we offer professional service, innovative products and the latest in technology, meaning we can offer solutions to get your property back to its normal state.