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Affecting an estimated one in five UK properties, condensation is perhaps the most common cause of damp problems in buildings and homes. It is the result of warm, water vapour filled air condensing when it comes into contact with cold surfaces like walls or windows and leaving behind beads of water (condensation) on the surface. If left untreated, condensation can lead to peeling decorations, unhealthy living conditions and black mould growth.

Thankfully however, along with a variety of DIY solutions to control most condensation issues there are also a selection of professional condensation solutions to solve more serious and persistent problems.

What are the main causes of condensation?

The main cause of condensation is a lack of adequate air ventilation in the property. Modern homes are designed to be as energy efficient as possible, however, improvements like increased insulation, double glazing and draught excluders have the unintended consequence of sealing damp air within the property. This allows condensation problems to fester and create damp, musty and unhealthy atmospheres.

In addition to this lack of ventilation, our own behaviour contributes to excessive moisture and condensation in the home. Common and unavoidable daily activities such as showering and cooking release lots of humid air into the atmosphere which, if not allowed to escape outside and disperse will likely result in condensation. To learn more, why not visit our web page on what causes condensation.

Problems caused by condensation

Condensation has the potential to lead to variety of problems such as:

  • Visible damp patches in plaster and along walls
  • Unsightly peeling decorations
  • Damage to fabrics
  • Damp and rot issues on loft timbers and on wooden window frames.
  • Potentially hazardous black mould growth

At its most severe condensation can even result in permanent damage to plaster and timber. To find out more, visit our condensation problems page.

Need a little more help and advice on condensation?

Condensation problems can often be solved by following the free tips and advice on our DIY condensation solutions page.

If you own the property and feel that you are in need of professional ventilation solutions or help and advice on any issue related to condensation in your home then we have a local team of specialists at hand to offer the advice you need. Give us a call on 0800 633 5712 or click the button below to book a survey. We have been helping our customers tackle condensation issues since 1951 so we are confident we can guide you towards the right solution for you.

We would advise that tenants contact your landlord or local housing association as we cannot instruct a survey or perform any remedial work without their permission.

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