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Woodworm treatment

If you have a woodworm problem, then our woodworm treatment specialists are the market leaders in eliminating the pests from homes across the UK.

With more than six decades of experience, our qualified and industry accredited team provide woodworm solutions to completely and comprehensively eliminate a woodworm problem in any property.

If you need a surveyor to diagnose the extent and severity of your woodworm infestation get in touch on 0800 633 5712 or send in an online enquiry by completing the form below.

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How to treat woodworm

In order to effectively eliminate woodworm infestations, our qualified technicians are equipped with a unique woodworm treatment known as ‘Insectasure’. This specially designed insecticide formula can be applied to large areas via spray or used to treat localised infestations by brush. It has been proven to treat timbers, eliminate beetles and larvae, and is a certified woodworm treatment for floorboards, furniture, oak beams, lofts and attics.

Once the wood and timbers have been treated with InsectaSure woodworm treatment, the active ingredients work in the following ways:

  • If a female lays eggs on the surface of the timber, when the larvae hatch they will ingest the treatment and die.
  • Beetles already in the wood will ingest the treatment as they emerge out of the wood at the end of their lifecycle, killing them before they have the chance to mate and lay eggs.
  • The treatment will remain within the layers of timber, in any cracks and exit holes to prevent future infestations
  • Treated rooms can be reoccupied just one hour after treatment has dried, minimising disruption to you

Is woodworm treatment dangerous?

InsectaSure is an all purpose insecticide treatment that is low odour, low hazard, and Safety Executive (HSE) approved. This means that rooms are completely safe and can be re-occupied just one hour after the treatment has dried, minimising disruption to you.

Will woodworm treatment work in painted wood?

If the woodworm infestation is in varnished or painted wood then we have a process in place to remove the top layer to provide an absorbent surface for the woodworm fluid to 'key' to and absorb into the timber. Once this is dry a new paint or varnish can be applied over the top and will have no impact on the effectiveness of the woodworm treatment

We advise waiting twenty four hours before applying any paint to the treated surface.

Can wood or timbers damaged by woodworm be restored?

If the woodworm has structurally compromised the integrity of the timber then our skilled and qualified technicians have processes in place to either cut away and replace damaged areas, or economically repair them using our unique resin repair techniques.

Woodworm treatment guaranteed!

We know that our woodworm treatments are the most effective available, so we are happy to provide a 20 year guarantee with all of our woodworm solutions. Given that we have been in business since 1951, you can rest assured that you really can count on our long term guarantees, and in the unlikely event that something should go wrong with the treatment, we will be there to put it right.

In addition to our guaranteed service we also offer a unique woodworm insurance policy. While it is very unusual for household and content insurers to provide woodworm coverage, taking out a policy with us ensures that you will protect your entire home against the dangers of any future woodworm infestations.

What customers say about our woodworm service

One look at Trustpilot shows that Peter Cox are among the highest rated woodworm treatment experts in the UK. Check out some of the reviews below to find why our customers love us.

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If you are worried about a potential woodworm infestation in your property then get in touch with our specialist team to discuss it. If necessary we can send a qualified woodworm surveyor to your home to assess the extent and severity of the problem and provide you with a woodworm treatment plan to get rid of the pests. If you are happy to proceed then we have a team of local technicians ready to get started applying our certified woodworm treatment solution

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