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Peter Cox in Bath

Peter Cox is widely recognised as a company to trust with repairs. We are unrivaled with our experience in the repair and preservation of all types of property from private and social housing, to historic and listed buildings, to large commercial properties.

Our surveyors will be able to identify any signs of damp, condensation, woodworm and wet rot and dry rot in your property, and give you advice on the best way to solve the problem.

With over 240 staff members and regional branches across the country, we have national coverage as well as local expertise.

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Property Preservation Services in Bath

Due to winds coming in from the Atlantic, severe storms and heavy rain tend to be a lot more common in the South-West compared to the East of England. In the 1960s, Bath suffered significant flooding which caused significant damage. However, there has been a lot of work done on flood defences to reduce the risk of flooding in the area. Heavy rainfall can also cause penetrating damp, especially through the winter months if gutting is damaged or a building has porous brickwork.

Bath is a city on the Avon River in North East Somerset, in the south west of England and considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. Known for its Georgian architecture, there are many historic buildings in Bath that may require damp proofing and protection against rising damp, penetrating damp and woodworm.

Founded by the Romans in the 1st century AD as Aquae Sulis, Bath is known for its famous natural hot springs. Supposedly the home for the Celtic goddess Sulis and the equivalent Roman god Minerva. During Roman times people already came here to drink and bathe in the thermal water and the original Roman baths and pump room can still be visited. By the 18th century, Bath had developed into a spa resort.