Damp Proofing

Damp proofing

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Damp proofing

Damp proofing is the protective process to ensure moisture cannot pass through all walls in contact with the ground or floors. There are many different causes of damp within properties, from rising damp, penetrating damp, waterproofing or through condensation problems.

Typical damp proofing problems in properties

Damp can be caused by various factors. The most common form of damp problems are caused by condensation, rain penetration, rising damp or damp from high ground levels.

Damp proofing below the ground

When it comes to damp proofing a space below the ground, the rules slightly change and different treatments need to be applied. Waterproofing a space such as a basement, cellar or sub floor void will require the specialist expertise from our structural waterproofing team.

Why use Peter Cox for damp proofing?

Put simply, damp problems can cause serious damage to your property and wellbeing, so you want to make sure any damp proofing contractor you use is experienced and qualified for the job.

The damp problems mentioned above can cause all of the following:

  • Timber decay
  • Compromised structural integrity
  • Damage to walls, fixtures and furniture
  • Heat loss and energy inefficiency
  • Breaking down of internal plaster and decorations
  • Health implications caused by black mould

Peter Cox was established in 1951 and has over 66 years experience in providing damp proofing solutions. We are the market leader in the repair and preservation on all types of property.

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