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Dry rot treatment

The key to treating dry rot is to identify and remove any source of moisture that is allowing the dry rot to flourish. When the source of the moisture has been eliminated, further treatment will usually involve removing plaster, applying fungicide and fixing any structural integrity issues affecting the timber. This final process may involve the removal and replacement of structural and decorative timbers.

Treating dry rot can often seem like a monumental task, but the trained, qualified and experienced surveyors and technicians at Peter Cox are experts when it comes to treating dry rot problems efficiently. Rated and approved by industry bodies such as Which?, the Property Care Association and Trust Mark amongst others, we are industry leaders and a company you can trust.

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Dry rot treatment - our process

With over 65 years in the industry Peter Cox are the market leaders in dry rot treatment.  Our step by step process has been refined and sophisticated to ensure that we comprehensively deal with dry rot problems in any type of property.

1. Removing the source of moisture

If dry rot is detected by a Peter Cox surveyor, the first step in the treatment is to eliminate the unwanted sources of moisture. A combination of damp timber and a lack of ventilation provides the perfect conditions for dry rot growth. This makes it essential to remove the source of moisture. If the dry rot has manifested underneath your property, as it often does, Peter Cox waterproofing services may be necessary.

2. Repairing damaged and defective timbers

Timbers infected with dry rot will need to be removed and replaced by a Peter Cox timber repair specialists. Repairs will be made to structural and decorative timber where possible.

3. Fungicidal treatment to timbers and masonry

Any retained timber will be treated using the latest fungicidal chemicals to prevent future growth.

Fungicidal treatment of masonry is also recommended, as dry rot growth tends to spread through masonry. If left untreated, the growth in the wall will continue to spread and will re-infect any new timbers in the vicinity that are replaced. An irrigation process is used, holes are drilled into the masonry and fungicidal fluid is pumped into the wall to stop any growth. Rooms can be reoccupied just one hour after the dry rot treatment has been completed.

Dry rot guarantees and insurance

Whatever work is required, all of our treatment comes with a 20-year dry rot guarantee. This offers our customers total peace of mind with regards to the future health of their property.

We also offer dry rot insurance that will extend to cover the whole house, not just the areas treated by our technicians. Our insurance provides future protection that major banks, building societies and even specialist insurers will not match.

What our customers say about our dry rot treatment

Peter Cox - professional dry rot treatment

Our highly skilled team can eradicate dry rot problems from any commercial or domestic property regardless of size or age.

If your property needs dry rot treatment call the expert team at Peter Cox today on 0800 633 5712 or fill in our contact form to get in touch.

We have highly qualified and trained surveyors and technicians in local branches all across the UK, so a Peter Cox dry rot expert is never too far away from you to help.

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