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Timber treatments

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Timber treatments

Timber treatments are essential to protect this important construction material from problems with damp, fungal rot, and woodworm.

Given the extensive number of timber-framed properties throughout the UK, and how common structural and decorative wood surfaces are in our homes, we have prepared this guide to help keep your timbers free from these issues.

Our specialists provide a complete range of timber treatments ranging from pre-treated surfaces with wood preservatives to timber repair and replacement to ensure your structural and decorative timbers are fully secured.

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Types of timber treatment

Our specialists have decades of experience in timber repairs and other associated treatments. We deliver wood repairs that offer true value by being high quality, reliable and tailored specifically for your property’s needs.

Part of that service is helping you to understand what grade of timbers are required for specific purposes, and the different levels of treatment required in different situations. This is defined in BS EN 335-1 as Use Classes. These are based on how likely they are to come under threat from damp, woodworm or other wood-boring insects.

Use Classes – BS EN 335-1

Use Class 1 - Internal use and expected dry conditions - for example, upper floor joists
Use Class 2 - Still internal, but with a greater threat of dampness - from risks such as plumbing leaks
Use Class 3 - Outdoors, but not in contact with the ground - like timber decking
Use Class 4 - Timbers directly in contact with soil or water - for example fence posts

Timber and wood treatment

At Peter Cox, we have a wide variety of timber repairs available. This means we can offer the best timber repair method for your property, shed, fencing, and decking.

This variety of options allows our team to recommend and apply the most suitable timber repair for your property. Whether we are replacing timber, treating it with insecticides and fungicides or using epoxy resins to repair the damage, our highly experienced and qualified surveyors & technicians will not only preserve your property's structural integrity but also maintain its aesthetic qualities too.

timber treatment

We have timber repair solutions for:

  • Joist ends
  • Carrier beams
  • Wall plates
  • Beam strengthening
  • Timber resin splices
  • Internal and external timber

How to repair timber

The normal method of repair for timbers affected by wet rot or dry rot is

  • Trace the full extent of decay and cut the timbers back to sound timbers
  • Treat the exposed sections with fungicide rot treatment
  • Introduce new timbers to replace the rotten timber

Woodworm infestation treatment will usually follow along these lines:

  • Apply solvent-based insecticidal formula to bare wood surfaces
  • Coated surfaces (varnished or painted) may need to be stripped back
  • Heavily infested timbers will need to be cut away and replaced
  • Some surfaces like floorboards be need to be lifted to apply a thorough preservative treatment then relayed

Where possible Peter Cox will retain structurally sound timber, however with severe woodworm attacks or wet and dry rot timber may need to be repaired and replaced.

What are timber resin repairs

Structural beam-ends embedded in masonry walls that have been degraded by wet rot, dry rot or woodworm can be repaired using a “timber splice” epoxy resin bonded with reinforcement rods.

resin timber repairs

Epoxy resin timber replacement

The new timber splice can be created in situ or prefabricated with factory fitted shear connector rods. Epoxy resin timber repairs will return the structural timber to its original strength and restrict any future water penetration into the timber.

Benefits of epoxy resin timber repairs

Economic - The use of epoxy resins can speed up repairs and cut costs because it removes the need for traditional bolt-on steel flitch plates.

Mechanical - Beam end replacements with epoxy resins have the benefit of retaining the original bearing configuration. This means they are less complicated to install than other types of structural repair.

Aesthetic - Generally, the use of resin repairs avoids altering the external appearance of the timber. In historic buildings, like churches, for example, the original lines of hammer beams, arched braces and posts can be maintained, while the surfaces of repaired sections can be made to match the original.

Low Disturbance - Repairs can be made with minimal disturbance reducing the amount of adjacent building works.

Timber preservative coating

When structural and decorative timber is only partially decayed, an epoxy resin paste or gel treatment can be used.

A special form of emulsion, which looks like a thick paste, is applied to the surface of the timber where deep penetration is required. Peter Cox Timber Gel contains a concentration of fungicide in an emulsion that is designed to deeply penetrate the timber structure.

If the timber is wet at the time of application the active ingredients diffuse rapidly into the timber to protect against both fungal decay and wood-boring beetles.

It should be noted that, when controlling fungal decay, it is essential that steps are taken to eliminate any source(s) of moisture causing decay, in conjunction with the chemical treatments, as part of the overall specification of repairs.

Timber treatment - insulation top up offer

During the intial survey to assess the required timber treatments, our surveyor may need to access your loft. While our experts are there they will let you know if they spot any missing or inadequate levels of insulation in your property. If our surveyor thinks you could save on your energy bills and reduce the carbon footprint of your property with a loft insulation top-up they will offer this as a no obligation extra. To find out more about our insulation service visit our insulation webpage.

Peter Cox - professional timber treatment

If you have a property that could benefit from a professional timber repair by Peter Cox then call today for more wood preservation information, help and advice or click the button below to book a survey.

Peter Cox have local branches up and down the UK, so we will always have a professional timber treatment expert near you.

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