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House survey

Arranging a house survey with Peter Cox will provide you with a detailed report on any damp, wood rot and woodworm, issues, and a range of suitable solutions to rectify any problems found.

Our specialist surveyors are experienced and accredited by leading trade bodies, meaning that you can be absolutely certain they will provide the highest level of industry knowledge and insight in order to correctly identify any problems and outline how we can fix them for you.

To put your mind at ease and have a trained professional take a look at your property click the button below or using our online contact form.

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House survey experts

We have over 70 years of experience in the property preservation industry with a network of local branches across the country, meaning trained and qualified surveyors on your doorstep. If you book a house survey with us you can expect a thorough and detailed survey process with all findings showcased in an easy to understand report, backed by photographic evidence, showcasing any issues and potential solutions.

Our house survey will include:

  • A thorough investigation of both external and internal sides of the property
  • Application of the latest property preservation diagnosis technology to accurately identify problems
  • Identification of the underlying causes to any apparent problems
  • Diagnosis of any secondary factors contributing to or caused by the issue
  • Keep you informed of what they are doing and what they are looking for
  • Delivery of a thorough and detailed report within three days of the survey
  • Advice on pricing and a full breakdown of any repair work if required

What is in the survey report?

The survey report is your record of our qualified surveyor’s observations, and where necessary will contain diagrams and images to support these.

Written in a style that is easy to understand, the report will describe in detail the scale and scope of any property issues you may have, including detailed drawings, explanations of observations, and a method statement. Should a problem be uncovered that requires remedial treatment you will also find a breakdown of costs for remedial treatments.

No matter how simple or complicated the solution may be, we will provide you with a record of how to address the issues noted by our surveyor. Work carried out will be to the highest industry standard carried out by trained and experienced professionals and most work is backed by a guarantee up to 20 years.


No matter how simple or complicated the solution may be, we will provide you with a record of how to address the issues noted by our surveyor. More serious problems often require a degree of plaster work or joinery to remove or replace affected areas and the report will provide you with a complete breakdown of all the steps required to get your property back into top condition and prevent the issue from recurring.

What our customers say about us.

Peter Cox have been setting the standards in property preservation since our formation in 1951 and continue to lead the way in excellence, professionalism and expertise today. We pride ourselves in what our customers say about us, and are rated ‘Excellent’ on trustpilot with over 2,000 independent reviews.

We are proud to have become the first national preservation company to be awarded Which? Trusted Trader status, giving our customers peace of mind they’re dealing with professionals.

Discuss a home survey with us

If you want a qualified expert to diagnose a potential problem in your home then get in touch with Peter Cox. We will take the time to find any issues that may be affecting your property and provide you with a detailed solution.

To find out more about how our specialist surveyors can diagnose your property with any issues and provide you with a clear path to restore your property then give us a call on 0800 633 5712 or fill out the contact form below and our team will get back in touch with you.

Book a Survey Online for a £25 Discount