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Wood rot

Wood rot can be a major property problem because the timber decay caused by rot can lead to structural failure. This page will give a useful summary of the causes of wood rot and show how the experts at Peter Cox go about treating it.

Wood rot - wet rot and dry rot

Wood rot is a generic term used to describe dry rot and wet rot. These particular types of fungal decay can cause serious timber damage and dry rot in particular is one of the most damaging conditions your property can face. Both problems are caused by water ingress, a lack of ventilation and high relative humidity.

Roofing failures and leaking gutters are particularly common sources for the kind of conditions that can lead to an outbreak of wet rot or dry rot. Other issues such as leaking baths, burst pipes or faulty washing machine machines can also allow water to spread over large areas.

Treating wood rot

When it comes to treating any kind of wood rot, Peter Cox will first identify the source of moisture and stop the cause of the damp.

Once the source of the problem has been fixed, our team will then focus on the timber repairs and treatments. This usually involves replacing badly affected timbers and treating any timber that can be retained with a fungicide. So long as the initial work to fix the source of water ingress has been successful, these treatments and repairs will eliminate the wood rot problem

However, there are some specific differences between wet rot and dry rot with regards to treatment. You can find out more about the specifics of wet and dry rot by clicking the links below…

Before any wood rot treatment can begin, a specialist rot survey will be required to correctly identify the rot problem and establish a suitable treatment programme.

Peter Cox – professional wood rot treatment

The surveyors and technicians at Peter Cox have years of experience when it comes to treating wet rot and dry rot.

If you are looking for professional wood rot treatment for your property, or simply want some help and advice with regards to fungal decay in timber, call Peter Cox today on 0800 633 5712 or contact us online using our contact form.

Peter Cox have local branches up and down the UK, so we will always have a professional wood rot treatment expert near you.

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