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Wood rot treatment

Wood rot has a well deserved reputation as a major property problem. Without intervention and appropriate wood rot treatment, the fungus will decay timbers in the home and could even result in structural failure.

Before you can determine the best course of action to solve your wood rot problems, it is first important to distinguish whether your property is under attack from dry rot or wet rot. These two varieties of wood rot will both decay timber in the home, however dry rot problems are more difficult to resolve.

What causes dry rot and wet rot

Wood rot is a generic term used to describe dry rot and wet rot. Both are forms of fungal decay that can cause serious timber damage. Dry rot in particular is one of the most damaging conditions your property can face. While both problems are caused by water ingress, a lack of ventilation and high relative humidity, dry rot is the more severe of the two due to its ability to spread from the initial germination spot and attack other areas of the property.
Roofing failures and leaking gutters are particularly common sources for the kind of conditions that can lead to an outbreak of wet rot or dry rot. Other issues such as leaking baths, burst pipes or faulty washing machine machines can also allow water to spread over large areas. You can learn more by taking a look at our page on the differences between wet rot and dry rot.

How to treat wood rot

Before any wood rot treatment can begin, a specialist rot survey will be required to identify the cause of the problem, diagnose whether wet rot or dry rot is present in the property and establish a suitable treatment programme.

Once the source of water has been removed, our team will then focus on timber repairs and treatments. This usually involves replacing badly affected timbers and treating any timber that can be retained with a fungicide to eliminate the wood rot problem.

However, there are some specific difference involved in treating dry rot and wet rot. You can find out more by clicking the links below:

Why choose Peter Cox for wood rot treatment

The surveyors and technicians at Peter Cox have years of experience when it comes to wood rot treatment. Our processes have been given the seal of approval by multiple industry trade bodies such as the Property Care Association and the Which? Trusted Trader programme, meaning that you can absolutely trust that there is no-one more qualified to resolve your wood rot issues.

Moreover, our wood rot treatments are backed by meaningful long term guarantees giving you complete peace of mind that should your rot problems resurface after treatment, we will be there to put it right.

Contact the wood rot treatment specialists

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