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Wet rot

Wet rot is a severe form of timber decay caused by fungal growth and has the potential to seriously impact the structural integrity of your property if left untreated. Rot forming on timber as a result of water ingress or damp conditions is one of the most common causes of structural defects.

The specialist surveyors at Peter Cox have been tackling wet rot in properties all across the UK for decades, and our detailed rot surveys have identified the best wet rot treatment required.

This page will allow you to learn more about wet rot and whether it is a concern for your property.

What is wet rot?

Wet rot is a severe form of timber decay caused by high amounts of moisture dampening timber. Wet rot thrives on moisture, so for wet rot to grow on timber it needs to be exposed to a constant source of water. Defects in plumbing, external guttering or pipework often produce leaks which can lead to wet rot.

This excess moisture allows a fungus to grow, feed on and degrade the timber, ultimately  leading to structural integrity problems. It thrives in moisture conditions of 30-60% moisture content

To find out more, visit our page on what is wet rot.

What is the difference between wet rot and dry rot?

Due to their similarities wet rot and dry rot are often confused, but both have very distinct characteristics if you know what to look out for. Both are a timber destroying fungi but they look and develop differently.

Unlike dry rot, wet rot requires a much higher level of moisture before spores will begin to germinate, but once the moisture has been removed growth will stop and will no longer have the ability to spread. This makes wet rot easier to treat.

However, while wet rot is not as severe as dry rot it can still cause serious structural damage. If the signs of wet rot appear we always recommend getting in touch with a dry rot specialist such as ourselves at Peter Cox to carry out an inspection of your property. 

How do I treat against wet rot?

Because wet rot occurs as a result of water ingress, it is imperative to find the source of the moisture and fix the damage before treating wet rot and prevent any further attacks. Wet rot will continue to grow and manifest if the moisture source remains.

Once the source of the moisture has been identified and fixed appropriately, treatment can begin to repair the damaged timber. Wet rot treatment will vary depending on the extent of the timber damage and may require replacing any defective timber. Our Peter Cox technicians will be able to replace and undertake any timber repair and where possible they will try to retain healthy  structural and decorative timber. Any timber retained will be treated with fungicidal treatment to prevent further infections.

Also, for complete peace of mind for our customers, Peter Cox provide a 20 year guarantee on all of our wet rot treatments and cover the remaining, untreated areas of the building with our wet rot insurance. This means a wet rot treatment from Peter Cox will leave your home healthy now and for the future.

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