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VIRUSKILLER™ - Air Purifier Range

Are you providing your customers and staff with the best quality indoor air? Air quality is often overlooked when businesses try to create a hygienic environment and our range of VIRUSKILLER™ air purifier units can help you to break the chain of airborne virus transmission in your business.

Using a combination of a pre-filter, particulate filter and carbon filter working alongside with a high-end reactor chamber, our free standing air purifier units will neutralise viruses and other harmful particles in the air.

Most importantly of all - our VIRUSKILLER™ air purifiers were found to kill 99.9999% of viruses on a single air pass when independently tested against Coronavirus DF2 (a surrogate for Coronavirus), Adenovirus and Influenza.

The Hextio Air Purifier - Ideal for Small Spaces

The impressive Hextio unit is the smallest  VIRUSKILLER™ air purifier in our range, and will provide clean air in smaller areas such as a single desk office or site cabin. Offering coverage for up to 20m², our Hextio unit features a high-end particulate filter that will trap airborne viruses and bacteria just like our larger VIRUSKILLER™ air purifier unit. However, the miniaturised reactor chamber allows this small unit to be used as desktop air purification for small customer or staff facing points.

This excellent air purifier is available for outright purchase through our sister company Initial Hygiene. Click here to buy it in their webshop.

Hextio Air Purifier

Our Hextio unit specifications.

  • 10 X Chromed TiO2 hexagon filters to capture airborne viruses and bacteria
  • 1 X UV-C Lamp to capture and kill remaining harmful pathogens 
  • Noise - 40-49 dB
  • Max electricity - 15W
  • Dimensions - 124 x 104 x 330 mm
  • Weight - 1.2KG 

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Our Full Range of VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purifiers

Just like the small Hextio unit, our larger  VIRUSKILLER™ air purifiers also kill 99.9999% of Coronavirus DF2 in a single air pass in independent tests. However, these units will provide clean air in much larger areas including open plan offices, huge lobbies and even function rooms. With a range of units available for complete coverage, Peter Cox can provide the perfect air purification solution for your business. You can learn more about the benefits of each unit by downloading our VIRUSKILLER™ brochure.

VK 401 Air Purifier

The VK 401 VIRUSKILLER™ air purifier provides clean air and hazardous particle filtration for a smaller rooms and can be mounted to the wall. This unit is perfect for washrooms and meeting rooms up to 60m2. Using a pre-filter, particulate filter, and activated carbon filter, the VK 401 will decontaminate air and also reduce unpleasant odours.

VK 103 Air Purifier

The VK 103 VIRUSKILLER™ air purifier is suited for a larger rooms up to 100m2. The VK 103 will combat viruses and bacteria but also has the ability to tackle larger particles like dust, dander and other allergens. We would reccomend this unit for the hospitality and leisure sector as it is powerful enough to provide clean air for most dining areas, bars and lesuire facilities. 

VK 102 Air Purifier

The VK 102 offers the widest coverage area of any of our VIRUSKILLER™ units. Providing clean air for up to 165 m2, the VK 102 is powerful enough to remove viruses and other hazardous particles from spaces as large as conference halls, open plan lobbies and function rooms. This unit is ideal for government buildings and large hotels.

The Benefits of a VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purifier for your Business

The biggest benefit of the VIRUSKILLER™ air purifier is that it can help keep your business open by providing clean indoor air in accordance with regulations regarding coronavirus risk assessments. Not only that, it will help ensure the health of your staff and customers.

Reduce Infection Risk

The VIRUSKILLER™ air purifier can reduce the risk of viral infection in the places you need to meet staff, colleagues and customers. Whether you need it for an open plan office, meeting room, canteen, staff room or staff and customer washroom, our VIRUSKILLER™ range will have a perfectly suited air purifier unit.

Create a Healthier Space

Poor quality indoor air is a key contributer towards absenteeism. By providing healthy air for your staff you are helping to keep them healthy and at work. Also, providing safe clean air is an excellent way to enhance your business' reputation for health and wellbeing with customers.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

VIRUSKILLER™ air purifiers provide an overall improvement of indoor air quality for your business, maiking life easier for any staff, customers or vistors with respiratory conditions such as asthma. The VIRUSKILLER™ air purifier is also completely ozone free.

Is a VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purifier right for my Sector?

Use of our VIRUSKILLER™ air purifier is not exclusive to offices and places of business. Our wide range of air purifiers come in various shapes and sizes that are suited to a wide variety of commercial and public spaces. We can provide VIRUSKILLER™ air purifiers to suit any of the flowing sectors:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Offices
  • Leisure and Entertainment
  • Care/Nursing
  • Food Manufacture
  • Funeral Care

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