Treatment options available to combact against condensation in your property

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Condensation solutions

Most condensation problems can be solved by taking action to prevent the build up of warm, damp air that causes condensation. Generally this is a two step process, principally you should attempt to reduce the amount of humid air you release into the property and secondly, you should try to improve the ventilation to keep rooms fresh and dry.

However, more serious and persistent condensation problems may require professional solutions in order to ensure that the issue is properly dealt with.

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DIY condensation solutions - free tips and tricks

Before calling in damp and condensation specialists such as ourselves, there are a few DIY solutions you can attempt first to try and alleviate the problem.

We suggest that you follow our hints and tips below in order to alleviate your condensation problems. You might be surprised at how big an impact some simple changes such as the ones listed below can have.

  • Opening windows and doors often will prevent moisture from being trapped, allowing your home to ventilate more efficiently.
  • Open the trickle vents on your windows
  • When using showers or baths, keep the windows open and extractor fans turned on. Doors should be kept closed for a period after the shower to allow the excess moisture to escape.
  • Keep lids on pots and pans and extractor fans turned on while cooking.
  • Where possible, dry clothes outside. Alternatively dry clothes using a tumble dryer or in a closed room with the window open.
  • Check your air bricks to make sure they are not blocked by debris

Professional condensation solutions for homeowners

If you have exhausted the free DIY solutions and your condensation issues persist then it might be time to speak to a damp and condensation specialist.

At Peter Cox, we have been at the forefront of condensation related solutions since 1951.  We are passionate about fixing nasty damp ridden environments and providing fresh, clean and dry air within a property.  It is the reason why we have a range of eco-friendly and innovative solutions to suit the exact nature of your condensation problem.

Professional mould cleaning

In partnership with Rentokil Specialist Hygiene, Peter cox can now offer professional black mould cleaning service for domestic, commercial and social housing customers.

The development of mould growth is a tell-tale sign that is frequently associated with excess moisture production and condensation. This deep cleaning solution will elminate serious black mould growth.

Professional mould removal

Anti-condensation paint

Once applied to your walls, our anti-condensation paint prevents condensation by creating a thermal barrier and controlling heat flow so moisture from saturated air won’t form condensation on walls, this in turn inhibits mould and fungal growth.

The thermal properties of the anti-condensation paint also offers homeowners the potential to make a saving on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

Find out more about anti condensation paint

Positive pressure ventilation

Our positive pressure ventilation units will eliminate condensation worries by effectively ventilating every room in the house from a position in the loft, landing or in the hallway of a property. The system operates at a whisper quiet level circulating clean fresh and dry air around the building, transforming stagnant and stale environments into healthy, refreshing rooms.

Positive pressure ventilation

Heat recovery ventilation

Our heat recovery ventilation units are the perfect solution for combating condensation in high humidity areas of the house. The units not only extract damp moist air from the room, but the state of the art heat exchange system means that up to 75% of the heat that would be lost to the outside with conventional fans is actually recovered allowing you to save on energy costs. Style and innovation combined, yet so simple and incredibly efficient, our heat recovery ventilation units are ideal to prevent condensation in bathrooms and kitchens.

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Anti-condensation thermal plastering

Peter cox offer an anti-condensation thermal plastering system for solid walls. This system helps prevent cold spots where condensation issues can occur. Our anti-condensation thermal plastering allows walls to be insulated without costly alterations to skirting boards, windows, covings and radiators. Find out more about anti condensation thermal plastering

Our thermal plastering page

Our condensation solution service

If you are struggling to get to grips with a condensation problem, then we are here to help.

Our highly trained and fully qualified surveyors will always conduct a full and thorough inspection of the property before recommending the most suitable condensation solution to solve your particular issue.

Our condensation services have been approved and rated by the trade bodies that govern our industry such as Which? and TrustMark amongst others, guaranteeing that you can have complete assurance and peace of mind that our condensation solutions will help you to solve your condensation problem.

Contact the condensation solution experts

We would first advise that you should take a look at our DIY condensation solutions to see if you can solve the problem by yourself, however, for homeowners* who fell they might require ventilation solutions for their condensation problems then get in touch with our team of specialists.  As market leaders in the industry and having accumulated over 70 years of experience helping our customers solve their condensation problems there really is no one better to talk to! Give us a call on 0800 633 5712 or click the button below to book a survey.

*We would advise that if you are currently renting or otherwise do not own the property you live in then you should contact your landlord or local housing authority to inform them of your situation.

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