Signs of Damp

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How to identify signs of damp in your house

The earlier you can identify signs of damp in your house then the easier it is to take action and prevent the problem developing further. Our guide will help you spot the signs of the most common types of damp like rising damp, penetrating damp, and condensation.

Damp can affect any building new or old, but typically it can be attributed to poor property maintenance, poor build quality, the use of low-quality materials, or the absence or failure of an existing damp proof course. If you spot any of the signs listed below and feel that you would benefit from professional help, contact our damp specialists on 0800 633 5712 or book a survey using the form below.

What type of damp is in your home

It is essential that you know what type of damp is present in your house to correctly treat it, remove the excess moisture, and ensure that the source of the water ingress has been addressed to make sure that it will not return.

Below we have outlined the most common signs of the main types of damp. The following tell-tale signs of damp are the key indicators of each of the different types, but even with this help and guidance, without the knowledge, experience and qualifications of a certified surveyor, it can be very difficult to accurately identify the exact cause of damp walls in your house.

Signs of damp images

spotting signs of black mould condensation

How to identify condensation

  • Beads of Moisture on cold surfaces like windows, tiles and cold walls
  • Increased humidity levels
  • The appearance of fungal black mould
  • Damp smells

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signs of pentrating damp patches

Penetrating damp problems in the house

  • Damp staining on external walls
  • Damp patches on internal walls or ceilings
  • Wet and crumbly plaster
  • Black mould isolated to one area

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Signs of rising damp on wall

What are the signs of rising damp

  • Damp tide mark rising up to 1m from the skirting board
  • White salt deposits left behind on the plaster
  • Damp and stripping wallpaper
  • Decaying skirting boards

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Signs of damp on external walls

  • Water marks on walls
  • Salt stains on walls
  • Moss or vegetation growing on the exterior of buildings

If you have noticed any of the signs of damp listed above in your property it is likely that you will need assistance from a professional damp treatment expert to get your property back to full health.

How to solve damp in your home

For less severe or easily identifiable damp issues there are some DIY solutions that can help you get rid of damp stains and patches in your house. We have dedicated pages explaining simple measures you can take to reduce condensation and how to tackle penetrating damp by fixing the source of water ingress into the home.

Unfortunately, rising damp or more severe cases of damp are not so easily resolved and you will likely require the expertise of a qualified surveyor to accurately identify and diagnose the problem. If required then they will also be able to install a remedial damp proof course or other professional damp proofing treatment to resolve your damp problems.

Have you spotted signs of damp in your house?

If you spot any signs of damp on your property, you should contact Peter Cox to arrange a professional damp survey to identify the cause, and give advice on treatments and solutions. 

Peter Cox was established in 1951 and has over 66 years experience in providing damp proofing solutions. We are the market leader in the repair and preservation of all types of property.

Call the experts at Peter Cox today on 0800 633 5712 to organise a damp proofing survey from one of our damp specialists. You can also click the button below to book a survey.

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