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Door undercut ventilation

Ventilation is a crucial way of preventing condensation and maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. In the United Kingdom, where one in five homes are affected by condensation and the weather can be damp and unpredictable, adequate ventilation becomes even more important.

Air circulation

While many homes open windows and have air bricks and vents, one often overlooked area is under door ventilation.

When warm, moist air gets trapped in a room without proper ventilation, it increases the likelihood of condensation occurring. By allowing air to flow freely under the door, you create a pathway for the moist air to escape and fresh air to enter. This circulation helps maintain a balanced humidity level and reduces the chances of condensation forming on surfaces.

Mould prevention

Condensation forming on cold surfaces creates an ideal environment for mould growth.

By implementing under door ventilation, you reduce the moisture levels, minimising the risk of mould formation, in partnership with other methods for reducing condensation, such as opening windows and trickle vents, and installing positive input ventilation (PIV) units.

Why is under door ventilation important?

Under door ventilation will increase the air circulation, helping maintain temperature balance, and control moisture levels, therefore preventing mould growth.

If a PIV unit has been installed to combat a condensation problem, it would be far more effective at providing air flow to all parts of the premises.

Under door ventilation solutions such as door grilles, air vents, or simply undercutting the bottom would effectively combat associated ventilation problems.

According to the NHBC, the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor should be between 10mm and 22mm. When carrying out repairs in your premises, Peter Cox can provide you with a door undercut service to make sure your home meets the recommended gap.

Our process

Our trained and experienced technicians will measure your door to the appropriate size to meet the recommended guidelines before carefully removing and cutting the door to size. Once the doors have been cut they will be re-hung expertly.

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