The effects of condensation on walls with black mould

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Condensation problems

Although condensation will be present in nearly every home in some form or another, excessive condensation does have the potential to develop into a wide variety of problems that may result in your property requiring expensive redecoration or repair work. If left untreated condensation can also create an environment that encourages harmful forms of fungal black mould to germinate that, alongside being a known health hazard, can cause damage to furniture, fabrics, and fixtures.

If it is the case that you have had a condensation problem for a while and you are concerned or struggling to resolve the issue, then it is certainly something a damp specialist like ourselves can help you resolve.

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What do condensation problems look like?

Generally condensation problems are relatively easy to diagnose and detect. If you notice any of these signs then as a ‘rule of thumb’ you likely have a problem with condensation:

  • Water droplets on windows or walls
  • Decaying window frames, particularly stained & wet corners
  • Damp walls causing peeling wallpaper
  • Musty/damp smells around the property
  • Black mould on walls, curtains, carpets, bathroom tiles and window sills
  • Water droplets on felt and timber in the loft possibly leading to rot

Does condensation cause health problems?

Whilst condensation itself is naturally occuring and often harmless, it can become problematic if left untreated. If an excess of condensation is repeatedly allowed to build up then this will create a damp and musty environment that is exactly the type of conditions that fungal black mould requires to germinate. Some species (Stachybotrys chartarum) are known to pose a risk to your health with certain types of vulnerable people such as the very young or those those who already suffer from respiratory problems.

How to solve your condensation problems

Condensation problems are a bit like toothache.  The longer you leave it the worse the problem becomes. We would advise that the moment you suspect your home is beginning to display damp symptoms associated with excess condensation then your first port of call should be to put into practice the steps we list in our free DIY guide to stopping condensation such as:

  • Keeping windows open to increase ventilation
  • Do not dry clothes indoors or on radiators, this releases large amounts of water vapour
  • Keep pots and pans covered while cooking

Professional condensation solutions for homeowners

It is sometimes the case that Condensation problems require a more thorough and robust solution than you can provide yourself.  If you own the property and you have tried the steps outlined on our DIY condensation tips page and your home is still affected by damp, condensation or black mould then we would suggest that you would benefit from our professional condensation assistance. For tenants we recommend that you contact your landlord or housing association. 

Arranging  for one of our specialists to conduct a condensation survey at your property will allow you to get to the bottom of the problem once and for all. If necessary our team are equipped with our range of professional condensation solutions such as long lasting anti condensation paint and energy efficient ventilation systems that will replace damp and humid air in your property with filtered clean, fresh and dry air.

Peter Cox also offer an anti-condensation thermal plastering system for solid walls. This system can help remove the cold spots where condensation forms, improving the living conditions of the treated area. The system can be used in conjunction with other insulation systems, allowing you to design a full insulation system for your home, helping to save energy and prevent condensation

Contact the condensation experts

We have been helping our customers solve their condensation problems since our formation in 1951 and we would love to use our unmatched industry expertise and knowledge to help reinvigorate your property with fresh, clean and condensation free air. If you have already tried our free DIY condensation tips and feel that you require a professional solution like our ventilation units then we would like to hear from you.

If you own the property and would like to discuss your damp problems with a condensattion specialists then give our fully trained and qualified team a call us today or click the button below to book a survey.

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