Traditional cleaner wont work against black mould and requires specialist clearning to remove

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Black mould removal

When it comes to black mould removal, there are a number of different solutions ranging from free things you can do to alleviate the problem, to DIY products and to mechanical air ventilation solutions

What is boils down to is that there are two basic things you need to do to alleviate or remove the black mould issue:

  • Identify the source(s) of the excess moisture and condensation leading to the growth of black mould and either fix the source of the problem or adjust your lifestyle to reduce the moisture levels
  • Remove the black mould through a combination of using sterilisers such as our black mould cleaner and air ventilation solutions such as our positive pressure ventilation.

Here at Peter Cox we offer a complete black mould removal service that includes measures to guard against the return of black mould and mechanical solutions to permanently get rid of the black mould issue.

Tip - preventing black mould in the first place

In an ideal world, the best way to tackle black spot mould is to prevent it from appearing in the first place. The stale and damp environment that black mould requires to germinate is frequently caused by the effects of excessive condensation. The reality however, is most of the time we generally have bigger issues to deal with than worrying about condensation the removal of black mould.

Prior to purchasing any products or services to, first consider what might be causing the black mould issue.  Do you you have a faulty downpipe leading to penetrating damp or is it just down to how you are living within the property?

Whatever it might be, our first recommendation is that you read our guide to how to stop condensation and excess moisture prior to making any decisions.  You might just save yourself a few pounds!

How to remove black mould?

Firstly, it is important to note that if you do not deal with the source of the moisture issue leading to the black mould in the first instance, the likely hood of the black mould returning is very high.  

If you have identified and resolve the excess moisture issue, there is effectively two routes you can choose for black mould removal.

DIY black mould removal products

This is using a combination of using black mould cleaners to kill and sterilise the area(s) while using innovative decorating solutions such as our WarmerWall anti condensation paint that acts as a thermal barrier on walls (especially cold walls) helping to prevent water condensing on the surface.  This solution however, is still reliant on lifestyle changes within the property to improve the air ventilation and thus help alleviate the amount of moisture.

Mechanical solutions for black mould removal

For serious black mould problems, positive pressure ventilation systems or heat recovery systems are the way to go.  

Positive Pressure ventilation is the ultimate black mould killer and perfect for a whole house solution. Designed to improve air quality and ventilation within a property, it works by drawing in damp air and drying and generally heating that air prior to pushing it back out into the property.  The result is that the fresh dry air eventually pushing out all the damp, stagnant air leaving the property healthy.  You can generally see the effects of positive pressure after about 4-6 weeks where the black mould will start to turn dry and dusty as the moisture has been drawn away.   

Heat recovery systems to a certain degree work in a similar way to positive pressure systems however, they are more idea is high humidity environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. Similar to positive pressure ventilation, the heat recovery units draws in damp air where it effectively dries the air prior to then pushing it back into the property.

Peter Cox black mould removal service

If you are concerned about treating or removing black mould or feel that the problem is currently out of control, then Peter Cox are here to help..

At a basic level, we have a professional black mould cleaner service will remove any trace of black spot mould from your property. Arriving at a convenient and pre-arranged time our specialist will:

  • Apply the black mould cleaner to the affected area, remove the mould growth and wipe down the surface.
  • Leave the black mould cleaner to take effect for 30 minutes.
  • Wipe down and sterilize the walls to neutralise the chemical treatment, leaving the surfaces completely harmless.
  • Treat the area with an additive that will act to reduce the re-emergence of the mould.

Once the treatment is complete our fully trained and qualified technician will provide you with help and advice on how to keep the area well ventilated in order to prevent the buildup of moisture required for the emergence of the black mould fungus.

If however, you want the black mould permanently removed, then our professional surveyors will be able to assist with advice regarding the best mechanical air ventilation solution for you while also advising on what else you might want to do to help improve the area such as using anti condensation paints.

To find out more, contact us for help and advice on 0800 633 5712 or book a survey online.

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If you are feeling concerned or overwhelmed with black mould in your property then rest assured that our specialists are available to answer your calls and provide you with all the help and assistance you need in order to remove black mould from your home.

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*Survey enquiries for your local branch will be directed to our dedicated central survey control teams across the UK. Calls to 0800 and 0808 numbers are free unless you are calling from a business phone, in which case the rate will be set by your provider.