Condensation damage on interior walls

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Black mould removal

Black mould removal can sometimes be as simple as using a mould cleaning product and opening some windows to reduce condensation. However, persistent and large scale mould problems that affect entire rooms often require professional treatment such as specialist cleaning and the installation of mechanical ventilation units to prevent mould forming in your property.

Peter Cox are able to provide solutions for mould issues for domestic, commercial and social housing properties. Our professional cleans and ventilation units can be used to permanently treat black mould problems on any property's walls, ceiling, basement or loft.

If you have tried to remove black mould from your property, but have found that condensation and black mould return time and time again, then continue reading this page for help and advice or click the button below to contact our team about a condensation treatment survey.

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How to prevent black mould

In an ideal world, the best way to tackle black spot mould is to prevent it from appearing in the first place. All of the following can reduce condensation which is the most common cause of black mould growth.

  • Opening windows and doors often will prevent moisture from being trapped, allowing your home to ventilate more efficiently.
  • When using showers or baths, keep the windows open and extractor fans turned on. Doors should be kept closed for a period after the shower to allow the excess moisture to escape.
  • Keep lids on pots and pans and extractor fans turned on while cooking.
  • Where possible, dry clothes outside. Alternatively dry clothes using a tumble dryer or in a closed room with the window open.

Can I not just wipe off black mould?

Using just soap and water is not an effective measure to permanently get rid of black mould. Wiping black mould away will temporarily solve your issue but the mould will quickly return if you do not fix the underlying issue of what is causing black mould growth.

Black mould is caused by excess moisture and insufficient ventilation and these issues need to be treated in order to prevent black mould from recurring in your property. To treat black mould, you must first establish what is causing excess moisture. Following this, the area must be sufficiently ventilated so that moisture in the air does not land on colder surfaces and cause black mould.

How to solve black mould problems that keep coming back

If a black mould treatment persists despite your best efforts to prevent it then our professional surveyors will be able to assist. A black mould survey from one of our experts will get to the bottom of the balck mould problem in your property and allow our team to provide the best solution for you. 

Professional mould cleaning and mechanical air ventilation solutions can provide long-term solutions to black mould problems but these are not the only options. Our team can offer a plethora of advice and treatment solutions including thermal plaster or anti condensation paints.

Our team will find the best solution for your property.

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Professional black mould cleaning

In order to offer an expert and professional mould cleaning treatment, Peter Cox have partnered with Rentokil Specialist Hygiene to offer a comprehensive cleaning package to clean and remove the mould affecting the premises.

As experts in condensation and damp, we are able to identify the source of the damp issue and offer a range of solutions to stop the problem coming back and our Specialist Hygiene colleagues can effectively and safely clean and remove the mould from your home.

Is cleaning black mould safe?

Our professional black mould cleaning in conjunction with Rentokil Specialist Hygiene is a safe chemical treatment that will:

  • Treat mould from any surface
  • Sterilise the affected area
  • Reduce the incidence of re-growth
  • Eliminate musty odours

Our trained technicians are fully equipped with specialist equipment and the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE).

They provide a thorough mould removal process using Stereo 7 disinfectant products.

Ventilation solutions for black mould removal

For serious and persistent black mould problems, positive pressure ventilation systems or heat recovery systems are the way to go. 

Positive input ventilation is the ultimate black mould killer and perfect for a whole house solution. Designed to improve air quality and ventilation within a property, it works by drawing in damp air and drying it out and prior to recirculating it back out into the property. The result is that the fresh dry air eventually pushes out all the damp, stagnant air leaving the property healthy. 

You can generally see the effects of positive pressure after about 4-6 weeks where the black mould will start to turn dry and dusty as the moisture has been drawn away.  

Heat recovery systems to a certain degree work in a similar way to positive pressure systems however, they are more suited to high humidity environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. Similar to positive pressure ventilation, the heat recovery units draw in damp air, dries the air, then recirculates it back into the property.

Can I get black mould treatment?

Peter Cox can provide professional black mould treatment for homeowners, landlords or local authorities. If you are renting or otherwise do not own the property with the mould problem then you may wish to talk to your landlord or local housing authority and discuss our professional black mould treatment service with them.

Your local black mould removal specialists

Peter Cox are the experts in tackling dampness in people’s homes, and have national coverage with local, qualified surveyors. Our surveyors can provide a detailed report with recommendations to help prevent condensation due to high moisture levels.

Peter Cox are CHAS, Constructionline and Alcumus (SafeContractor) approved.

We are rated ‘Excellent’ onTrustpilot with over 1,900 independent reviews and are a Which? Trusted Trader.

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