Bird Risks and Problems

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Bird diseases and health risks

When birds perch, roost and nest on your property they are not only a nuisance, but can also bring a wide range of associated health risks and diseases to staff and the public.

Any through draught of air from contaminated rooms into occupied areas could potentially pose a health and safety risk to the staff, public or contractors. There have been documented cases of avian diseases being transmitted to humans via direct contact with infected bird fouling from pigeons, seagulls and other pest birds.

The consequences of these diseases can sometimes be very serious indeed, so if you are concerned about people becoming sick from the presence of birds or droppings on your premises then find out how we can help you by calling our bird control team today or make an online enquiry using the form below.

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Bird diseases humans can catch

There are a variety of diseases that can be caught via coming into contact with pest bird and pigeon droppings and feathers such as:

  • Ornithosis: a flu type disease most commonly found to be transmitted by birds such as pigeons. Fatalities can occur
  • Cryptococcosis: a very serious and potentially fatal lung infection which can progress to the meninges of the brain causing Meningitis
  • Campylobacter: brought about by the contamination of food sources by birds
  • Salmonellosis: present in upwards of 90% of feral pigeons and to a slightly lesser degree in starlings
  • Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis: more commonly known as “pigeon fancier’s lung”
  • E.coli: a diarrhoeal disease contracted orally by ingesting contaminated food or water. Recent research has linked its spread to gulls

Bird control to minimise the risks of pest bird diseases

Simply put, removing bird droppings, bird carcasses and nests is the surest way to minimise the risk of the public coming into contact with these disease carrying materials. Peter Cox employs specialist procedures to conduct this removal and disposal in a safe and managed way that complies with all health and safety orders and relevant COSHH/Site Assessment findings.

In order to effectively eliminate pigeons and other birds from fouling, perching and nesting on your premises in the first place then we would strongly suggest that you take a look at our variety of bird deterrents such as bid nets and spikes.

Contact the bird control specialists

If you are worried about gatherings of pigeons, seagulls or any other pest birds on your premises and the potential diseases they could be spreading then call our bird control team today or send us an online enquiry using the button below to find out how we can help you.

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