Bird Fouling Removal

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Bird fouling removal

Contacting our bird fouling removal team ensures that any bird fouling, nesting materials, and bird carcasses will be safely disposed of at a licensed site and that business and housing premises will be left sanitised, welcoming and safe for use.

Additionally, given that pigeon fouling poses potential health risks to anyone entering contaminated areas, our bird fouling removal specialists are highly trained and have years of experience tackling bird cleanup in a way that corresponds with all health and safety regulations.

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Problems associated with bird nests and fouling

The Health and Safety at Work Act states: "It shall be the duty of every employer to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all his employees". Feral pigeons, (and many other bird species) along with their fouling, nesting materials, carcasses etc all pose a potential health and safety risk to anyone coming into contact with them, either directly, or indirectly through third party activity.

Some of the problems associated with nuisance birds and pigeon fouling include:

  • Accumulated bird fouling can transmit diseases to humans which can lead to potentially serious illness
  • Rainwater systems become clogged, which can lead to ingress of water into buildings and secondary damage
  • Roofs have been known to collapse under the sheer weight of bird fouling, costing many thousands of pounds to repair
  • Bird droppings contain high acidity levels. As such, they can erode masonry, damage paintwork and bring about excessive restoration costs
  • Droppings can present a slip hazard when wet, potentially resulting in litigation
  • Fire escapes can become unusable, potentially resulting in closure orders by Fire Officers

Finally for businesses and commercial premises, unsightly bird fouling detracts from the natural aesthetics of buildings and creates an unwelcoming environment for potential customers.

Bird droppings removal

Our bird fouling removal service

When working in an environment where dead birds are present it has to be assumed there is a risk that the birds did not die of natural causes and therefore every precaution should be taken to ensure works are completed safely.

Peter Cox employs specialist procedures for bird fouling problems and can carry out bird treatment and removal with the minimum of risk. We are able to put into place a clearance operation which will take into account the relevant COSHH/Site Assessment necessary for safe removal.

The bulk pigeon fouling and any nesting materials, dead pigeons or carcasses are to be treated with a biocide, to kill the bacteria and reduce dust levels, prior to being physically removed, bagged, sealed and disposed of at a suitably licensed site. Any items of junk or rubbish are to be treated and disposed of with the fouling.

Once the bulk fouling has been removed all areas will again be retreated with the biocide to guarantee it is sanitised and safe for subsequent contractors. Should any bird related insect activity be found, (bird fleas or mites for instance), this will be treated with a residual insecticide, where deemed necessary.

Is our bird and pigeon removal service humane?

Any pigeon eggs and chicks found within the work area will be humanely dispatched, prior to being treated with biocide, bagged, sealed and removed from the work area. Any diseased or injured pigeons found within the work areas will be humanely dispatched.

Ensuring bird fouling problems do not return

While our bird proofing specialist is on site they will be able to recommend a number of bird deterrent measures that you can install after the bird fouling removal process to prevent pigeons and other pest birds perching and nesting on your premises.

You can learn more about deterrents such as bird spikes and bird wire by visiting our dedicated bird deterrent page.

Contact the bird fouling removal specialists

If bird mess, droppings or nest are creating a problem for your business then get in touch with our bird proofing team on 0800 633 5712 or send us an online enquiry using the button below and we can get the clean up process started.

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