Bird control services

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Bird control services

For building owners, facilities management companies and contractors, even relatively small numbers of feral pigeons can be a real nuisance. Birds thrive in town and city centres where they are fed, and scavenge on litter dropped by the public and in rubbish bins. The buildings offer convenient sites to perch, roost and nest, and there are few natural predators. As well as pigeons, gulls are also becoming an increasing problem in coastal towns and further upstream on tidal rivers.  

Birds can cause severe problems to your property or business, increasing maintenance costs or even jeopardise the health of staff or customers. Find out more about the risks and problems involved with a bird problem.

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Peter Cox have specialist teams in all regions of the UK, delivering nationwide coverage to ensure that bird deterrence and fouling removal services are available to you.

We provide various bird control and deterrence services for commercial property owners, tailored to the specific property based on numerous factors.