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Bird control services

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Bird control services

Our bird control specialists install customised bird deterrent measures to overcome problems caused by feral pigeons and other pest birds. Whether you are concerned about potential health risks for staff and customers due to bird fouling, or if you are worried about damage to the look and structure of your premises, then we have a range of solutions to suit you.

Our qualified bird control surveyors will assess the site to determine the most effective and appropriate bird deterrent to keep your building free from nuisance birds, while also retaining the property’s aesthetic appeal. Contact our bird control team today or send us an online enquiry to find out how we can help you.

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Pigeon pest control and other bird proofing services

After a site survey with a qualified bird control surveyor, our technicians are equipped with a variety of humane and effective bird deterrent measures to effectively solve your pest bird problems.

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Bird Fouling Removal

Unsightly Bird droppings not only create a poor impression of a premises, but they are also responsible for damaging buildings, causing accidents and potentially spreading disease.

Our experienced team are experts at removing all fouling, nesting materials, dead pigeons and disposing them at a suitably licensed site. You can find out more about this service on our dedicated bird fouling removal page.

What is the need for bird control?

Bird control is required to prevent the accumulation of unsightly bird fouling and nesting that can be harmful to both the property and human health. Some examples of the damage caused by nuisance and pest birds like pigeons and seagulls are:

  • Blocked rainwater systems - blocked gutters can cause water ingress and localised flooding, leading to problems with damp and damage to goods
  • Damage to fabric of buildings - bird fouling is acidic and will damage stonework, limestone, brickwork, and affect the finish on shiny or painted surfaces
  • Health and safety risks - fouling on pavements, steps and fire escapes means increased slip risk to staff, contractors visitors and public
  • Increased maintenance costs - for the cleaning of fire escapes, blocked gutters and plant maintenance, such as air conditioning units
  • Damage to corporate image - bird problems can also damage an organisation’s corporate image, creating a loss of goodwill and a negative public image

Moreover, coming into contact with pest birds and their droppings carries several health risks that can pose serious danger to peoples health. You can learn more about the risks caused by bird populations and their fouling on our bird diseases page.

Contact our bird control team

Peter Cox have specialist teams in all regions of the UK, delivering nationwide coverage to ensure that bird deterrence and fouling removal services are available to you.

To find out more about how our bird control and bird proofing experts can help you keep your building and surrounding areas free from nuissance birds and fouling give us a call or click the button below to make an online enquiry.

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