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Waterproofing systems

When industry professionals talk about basement waterproofing systems they generally break them down into 3 different types. Type A (Barrier Protection), Type B (Structurally Integral Protection) and Type C (Drained Protection). By far the most common type of waterproofing system we install at Peter Cox is Type C.

Type C basement waterproofing usually involves managing any water ingress inside the property and it is the most modern method of basement waterproofing.

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Type C: interior waterproofing systems

Type C waterproofing systems rely on draining water away from a property, so rather than creating a barrier to hydrostatic pressure in the surrounding earth, water ingress is instead permitted to enter the property and then channelled back out. This process uses a mixture of structural waterproofing membrane, basement floor drainage and a sump pump to remove any water securely and efficiently.

Type C waterproofing systems guarantee that the basements or cellars in your property will remain dry without any risk of cracks and leaks from external water pressure.

Features and benefits of Type C waterproofing systems

The installation of a Type C waterproofing system requires skill but they will often only take a couple of days to install and in most cases they are very easy to maintain afterwards. There is also no need for any costly excavation around the basement or alterations to the structure of your property.

After installation the wall membranes, drainage and pumps can all be “hidden from view” and easily integrated into a domestic basement conversion or office, making Type C waterproofing systems very versatile.

Also, for complete peace of mind, our Type C waterproofing systems come with a 10 Year guarantee.

Other waterproofing systems

Type C waterproofing systems are not the only option available though. There are alternative waterproofing systems that can be more appropriate for the project you have in mind.

Type A: tanking systems

Tanking with a waterproof cement or slurry is a traditional method of holding water back from underground spaces. This method creates a physical barrier between any external water ingress and the walls and floor of your basement or cellar. It can still be very effective and there are situations where it is even the recommended option.

Type B: integrated waterproofing

Integrated waterproofing systems are installed during the construction of buildings. This usually means a build of reinforced concrete supplemented with a method of controlling water ingress at construction joints (such as a hydrophilic waterbar).

Waterproofing experts like Peter Cox would be have to be involved at the waterproofing design stage to aid in the implementation of Type B Waterproofing.

Peter Cox: professionally installed waterproofing systems

At Peter Cox, we understand the problems that underground spaces in buildings face, and we also know the waterproofing systems that will solve them.

If you have a question for our waterproofing experts regarding your property, or just want some advice on structural waterproofing, call Peter Cox today on 0800 633 5712, contact your local branch, or fill out our online contact form and one of our experts will get back to you.

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