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Bird proofing and deterrents

If your property is suffering from problems caused by pest birds, then our variety of specialist bird proofing and pigeon deterrent measures are an effective way to deal with nuisance birds and fouling on and inside buildings, bridges and structures.

Read on to find out more about our range of bird deterrents or you can arrange for a local bird control specialist to visit the property to determine the most efficient and effective bird and pigeon deterrent to suit you by calling 0800 633 5712 or sending us an online enquiry using the form below.

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Bird proofing and deterrent services

Selecting the right system for each site and situation is the key to successful bird proofing. Deterrents must be designed for the specific species involved, but at the same time thought needs to be given to the building’s aesthetics and a balanced approach taken.

It is important to note that our bird deterrent services are not pest control, instead the objective is always to deter birds from perching and nesting and to leave them unharmed.

Find out more about the following bird and pigeon deterrents and how they can be applied to your property by following the links below:

Bird spikes

Bird Spikes

These are harmless and move birds on from favoured roosting sites so your business can carry on undisturbed.

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Bird Nets

We have netting and wire deterrents that can help move birds away from your property without harm

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Bird Acoustics

Bird Acoustics

A harmless way to deter birds from larger areas where netting may not be suitable.

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Sprung Wire

Sprung wire can be used to protect ledges against pigeons or seagulls creating a physical barrier.

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Our bird proofing process

We are happy to work with clients, architects and conservation officers to help deliver bird proofing and deterrents that are a perfect fit for the building or project, while keeping them as aesthetically unobtrusive as possible.

One of our local and qualified bird proofing specialist surveyors will attend the property to investigate the scale of the problem and will consult with you to determine the ‘best fit’ solution to get rid of pigeons, seagulls and other pest birds from the premises.

Bird proofing to the highest standard

All of our bird deterrence works are carried out in compliance with the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 and its provisions, and in compliance with the RSPB, RSPCA, DEFRA and Scottish Natural Heritage. In addition, all proofing measures are completed to a standard consistent to that required by English Heritage, Historic Scotland and CADW.

Our bird fouling removal service includes COSHH and Risk Assessments, detailed Method Statements and Specifications plus full compliance with transport and waste disposal regulations.

Bird fouling removal service

Bird deterrents are a fantastic way to prevent birds becoming both a nuisance and a danger to your property and customers, however, if your building has already been compromised by excessive and potentially dangerous bird fouling then you may wish to take a look at our safe and effective bird fouling removal service.

Contact the bird proofing and deterrent specialists

To arrange a survey with your local bird proofing surveyor and find out how we can protect your property from nuisance birds, simply get in touch with our bird proofing team on 0800 633 5712 or send us an online enquiry using the button below.

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