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Bird deterrence

Peter Cox offer effective solutions dealing with bird problems on and in buildings, bridges and structures. We have a variety of specialist bird deterrence measures that can be used as part of an overall and planned program of bird control.

Bird Spikes

These are harmless and move birds on from favoured roosting sites so your business can carry on undisturbed.

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Bird Nets

We have netting and wire deterrents that can help move birds away from your property without harm

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Bird Acoustics

Bird Acoustics

A harmless way to deter birds from larger areas where netting may not be suitable.

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Sprung Wire

Sprung wire can be used to protect ledges against pigeons or seagulls creating a physical barrier.

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Bird spikes

Bird spikes are one of the industry standard methods of protecting buildings against birds. Our bird system is nonintrusive, and can be installed without causing damage to the building. This method is preferred by the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) and the RSPCA because they deal with the problem without killing or injuring birds.

Bird spikes - Gutter Protection: A modification of the regular bird spikes is available for guttering. The main benefit of this system is that it allows the free flowing of rainwater along the gutter system without clogging it up with leaf or litter debris.

Bird nets

Different types of buildings and architecture provide ideal locations for roosting and nesting for birds. Many towns and inner city centres are particularly affected by pigeons and gulls. Netting can be used as an effective deterrent covering roofs, underside of canopies, building facades, ledges and decorative features. The nets design is tailored specifically for each individual building, taking into account the building’s aesthetics and the types of bird species.

Bird acoustics

Used to deter birds from larger areas which netting may not be appropriate, bioacoustics can be a very cost effective method. This method uses natural alarm and distress calls and predator warnings to disperse birds. This method also allows access to roofs and affected areas as they won’t be covered by netting.  

Sprung wire

This system consists of thin nylon coated stainless steel wires supported at regular intervals on stainless steel posts, tensioned with springs, just above a ledge or other feature that is to be protected against pigeons and seagulls. The wires present a physical barrier to the birds normal landing behaviour, with the unstable feel of the wires deterring all but the most persistent birds.

This system is relatively unobtrusive and provides a reasonable level of protection, particularly on new builds where there has not been a previous bird problem.

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Tailor made for you

Selecting the right system for each site and situation is the key to successful bird proofing. They must be designed for the specific species involved, but at the same time thought needs to be given to the building’s aesthetics and a balanced approach taken. We are happy to work with clients, architects and conservation officers to help find bird deterrence solutions that are a perfect fit for the building or project, while keeping them as aesthetically unobtrusive as possible.

High standards

All of our bird deterrence works are carried out in compliance with the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 and its provisions, and in compliance with the RSPB, RSPCA, DEFRA and Scottish Natural Heritage. In addition, all proofing measures are completed to a standard consistent to that required by English Heritage, Historic Scotland and CADW.

Our bird fouling removal service includes COSHH and Risk Assessments, detailed Method Statements and Specifications plus full compliance with transport and waste disposal regulations.

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