Tanking walls

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Tanking walls

Damp walls are a common problem in cellars and basements because the earth surrounding the walls is often saturated with water, and this moisture can make its way through the masonry and brickwork. When this moisture ingress passes through the wall, it will often carry salts and minerals with it that will damage any fishing touches you have applied to the wall like paint.

Tanking walls will prevent damp problems by forming an impermeable waterproof barrier. The barrier is formed using tanking slurry that is applied directly to the wall. Tanking slurry is simple to apply for trained professionals and is ideal for coating below-ground level structures.

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tanking walls

Why do walls need tanking?

Rooms below ground level often need tanking. It is not just cosmetic issues like damaged paint and damp patches that can result from water ingress through basement or cellar wall, but it can also lead to damp related issues like black mould and dry rot.

How to apply tanking to walls

The first step is preparing the walls by cleaning off dust and removing old or damaged plaster, paint or render. Aapplying a salt neutraliser will prevent any hygroscopic salts from infiltrating the tanking slurry that will soon be applied.

Any holes or cracks in the wall should now be filled with a fast setting non shrinking repair mortar before applying a coat of tanking slurry. It is important to make sure the tanking slurry is prepared and mixed properly as inconsistencies can result in the slurry being unsuccessful. The slurry is then applied to the wall.

When the first coat of slurry is dry, a second coat should be applied to ensure an effective barrier has been created. When the second coat has completely dried a finish can be applied such as plaster, render or paint.

Peter Cox: tanking by waterproofing professionals

The surveyors and technicians at Peter Cox have been waterproofing basements and cellars for more than thirty years and know a thing or two about tanking. If you want a professional opinion on the best tanking solution for your basement or cellar then call Peter Cox today on 0800 633 5712 or contact us online using our online contact form.

Peter Cox are a nationwide company with bases up and down the UK, so there will always be a local branch ready to serve you.

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