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Basement and cellar repair

When it comes to repairing a damp basement or cellar, we would always recommend consulting a professional structural waterproofing expert. Waterproofing is a job that requires complete accuracy for success and this really needs the experience and knowledge of a qualified professional.

That said, it is of great importance that basements and cellars are maintained in order to keep the space free from water.

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Crack in basement wall leaking water

If you have a crack in your basement wall that is leaking then you will need to identify what is causing it, otherwise any basement wall crack repair solution you try may prove to be useless. Generally basement wall cracks are caused by either:

  • Hydrostatic pressure: ground water causing pressure on earth retaining walls
  • Subsidence issues: Movement caused by changes in the soil
  • Drying concrete: Often causes “shrinkage” that creates harmless surface deep hairline fractures

Basement wall crack repair

While it is very possible to attempt a DIY solution to repairing cracks in basement walls, it is essential that you first understand why the cracks have appeared in the first place.

Superficial and even deep cracks can be solved with sealant bought from a local DIY or home improvement store and applied via an applicator gun. You must, however, be sure that this is not simply a temporary fix that will mask a more serious foundation problem or hydrostatic pressure timebomb until you wake up one morning to find a totally flooded basement.

If you are unsure what has caused the cracks in your basement walls and if it is safe to attempt a repair job yourself, then give our expert team a call for some advice and guidance.

DIY basement and cellar repair

Basements and cellars can often be the neglected poor relation to other rooms in a property, but with a certain degree of DIY maintenance, these underground spaces can stay dry and useable. Regular maintenance will reduce the need for any professional basement or cellar repairs in the future.

The common problems listed below often contribute towards problems in basements and cellars. Fortunately, they can usually be fixed with some vigilance and DIY maintenance.

Gutters and downpipes

Gutters and downpipes often overflow and leak, and due to nature of gravity, this water is always going to find its way to the lowest point in your property. To ensure water from your external drainage is not affecting your basement or cellar, make sure there is no debris blocking the flow of water.

Tree roots

Tree roots can disturb the external walls of your basement or cellar and seriously affect any waterproofing as a result. By ensuring that tree roots are not affecting your property, you will offer extra protection to your property.

Sump pump maintenance

If you already have a Type C waterproofing system installed, it is vitally important to maintain any sump pumps you have installed. If your sump pump has an alarm then you should test it regularly to make sure it will work when you need it to.

Leaking plumbing or burst pipes

One of the biggest threats to a basement and cellar is leaks from plumbing. As mentioned above, water will always get to the lowest point that it can so a burst pipe is a major risk for basements and cellars. If you spot any signs that your basement or cellar is about to flood, then we advise that you request a basement and cellar survey as soon as possible.

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Professional basement and cellar repair

At Peter Cox, we are renowned for delivering outstanding basement and cellar repair services. Our experienced and qualified staff have the know how to help you through the entire repair process.

The surveyors and technicians at Peter Cox can diagnose structural waterproofing problems design waterproofing systems, and install basement waterproofing and cellar waterproofing solutions that will keep your property dry.

If you are looking for professional help and advice or wold like on of our surveyors to visit your property then call Peter Cox today on 0800 633 5712 or contact us online using our contact form.

Peter Cox have branches up and down the UK, so we will always have a professional basement and cellar repair team in a local branch near you.

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