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Rising damp treatment

Our qualified rising damp team provide trade-body rated and approved rising damp treatment to ensure that your property is returned to its natural, dry and safe condition

Rising damp treatment options include common methods such as the damp proof injection method or newer techniques such as eletro osmotic treatment. After investigating the property, our rising damp specialist surveyor will discuss the most effective and efficient rising damp solution for you. If you are happy to go ahead then we have a team of local technicians ready to get started damp proofing your home against rising damp.

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How to treat rising damp

If you have established that rising damp is the cause of your problem, that generally means the original damp proof course in the property has failed due to age or deterioration.  To resolve this, you will require a remedial damp proof course to prevent rising damp continuing to attack the property.

The following section will explain the most popular and effective remedial damp proof course methods available.

Rising damp treatment by damp proof injection

The most common form of rising damp treatment is damp proof injection. It is a completely safe, time tested and reliable form of damp proofing and in most cases is the fastest and most cost effective rising damp treatment to install. At Peter Cox, our specialist damp course inection solution is a product with over 60+ years of development known as Drywall+.

With regards to the process, our water repellent technology forms a barrier through the masonry by lining the capillaries with a damp proof cream, thereby preventing any moisture rising. Depending on the thickness of the walls, holes are drilled into the affected walls and the rising damp solution diffuses into the wall. our unique formula Drywall+ has the additional benefit of releasing a silane vapour that reacts with silica forming a water-repellent resin. Since no liquid is involved, the wall dries out much quicker.

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Electro osmotic rising damp treatment

If a conventional rising damp chemical treatment is not appropriate for your property, an alternative solution could be to use an Elecktro Osmotic System.

Using a small electronic charge, electro-osmotic systems reverse the process of rising damp by repelling the rising water from the wall and back into the ground allowing the walls to stay dry. The main benefit here is that drilling on the outside of the property is kept to a minimum. It is also ideal for historic buildings as the system can be removed if necessary.

Lastly, once the new rising damp treatment barrier has been installed, any salt contaminated plaster has to be removed and replaced with a special salt-retardant incorporating an additive to stop any further contamination of hygroscopic salts to the plaster. Once applied, this additive will stop residual salts migrating into the new wall plaster while still allowing the walls to breathe. This is certainly something you want to do prior to any redecorating.

The industry leaders in rising damp treatment

With over 68 years experience our qualified surveyors are specialists in diagnosing rising damp and prescribing the correct rising damp solution to remedy the problem. Our professional surveyors will also look out for any potential wet or dry rot issues that have occurred as a result of the rising damp issue and will also recommend solutions to fix internal damage caused to plasterwork and other parts of the building.

If you are happy with our recommendations after the initial consultation, our highly qualified and locally based team of technicians can carry out all rising damp treatments and repairs to your property, ensuring that when we are finished your property is left clean, safe and dry.

Rising damp treatment - guaranteed!

Whatever rising damp treatment may be required, you can be assured that it will carry the benefits of our twenty year rising damp guarantee. This provides the security and peace of mind that comes from knowing that should something go wrong with our treatment and you notice rising damp has begun to re-appear in your home, then we will be there to put it right.

On top of our guarantees and optional rising damp insurance, we go the extra mile to make sure our customers feel secure knowing that we are a rising damp treatment company that you can absolutely trust. Our methods have been accredited by the Property Care Association (PCA)), BSWA, Which? Trusted Trader and Constructonline to name but a few. As founding members of the Property Care Association, we set the standards for excellence for professionalism and expertise in the industry.

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Our rising damp treatment team are here to help and will happily discuss the problem with you to determine if you require a specialist surveyor to attend the property.

To ease your concerns over potential rising damp problems contact your local Peter Cox branch or give us a call on 0800 633 5712.  Alternatively send in an online enquiry  by clicking the button below to get professional advice from one of our experts.

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