Protect your home against wall tie corrosion with Peter Cox Property Protection Insurance

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Wall tie corrosion insurance

Protect your home against wall tie corrosion with Peter Cox Property Insurance

Peter Cox Property Insurance provides against the worrying risk associated with cavity wall ties affected by corrosion, covering a full range of properties from flats, to houses and mansions. Despite the various different home insurance and contents insurance available, not all property insurance policies will cover cavity wall ties and are unlikely to insure against cavity wall ties affected by corrosion. Different insurance policies will vary in what is and is not covered.

Why should you insure your cavity wall ties?

Why should you insure your cavity wall ties? To start, wall tie corrosion is very common problem in properties due to the corrosive-prone material used for wall ties and as a result can affect the strength and stability of the property.

To maintain their strength and prevent corrosion occurring in the first place, cavity wall ties were galvanised with a zinc-based coating but due to industry standards not being maintained, cavity wall ties used during this period were more susceptible to deterioration. Not all properties built prior the 90s will be affected with corroded wall ties or will need to be replaced but it is more frequently associated with older properties.

Having unstable cavity wall ties can lead to further structural repairs, resulting in cracks, structural movement or potentially lead to the collapse of the external sections, which can potentially lead to costly repairs. Having an insurance policy in place gives reassurance for you that your property is protected.

Insure against cavity wall tie corrosion

It couldn’t be easier to insure your home with Peter Cox Property Insurance. Simply book a survey with one of our Peter Cox surveyors to inspect your property. Our insurance is initially offered following a survey and based on the survey and your requirements, appropriate cover can be provided.

What will my cavity wall tie insurance cover?

As part of your Peter Cox Property Insurance policy, your cover will include replacement of any cavity wall ties directly affected by corrosion.

  • Inspection, when necessary, to find out the extent of the wall tie corrosion problem
  • Installing new wall ties in masonry cavity where necessary, in accordance with Building Research Digest 329
  • Repair a wall, or any part of a wall, where we removed bricks or blocks so that we could replace a wall tie.

Terms and Conditions apply

For further information regarding our cavity wall tie corrosion insurance cover, or if you have any questions or queries, please contact our specialists or download our Policy Document.

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