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myLearning is Peter Cox’s unique CPD certified e-learning platform, providing you the means to continue your education and develop your knowledge.

Our interactive online learning portal offers easy access to relevant, topical information to help you and your staff understand and manage all possible property related problems, by teaching you exactly what you need to look for, why you need to be vigilant and what to do if you suspect any issues.

Why use myLearning?

  • Save money - our online training courses are extremely cost efficient, with classroom and instructor lead training increasing, plus travel, refreshments and staff cover all required, e-learning makes sense at a fraction of the price

  • Flexibility - learning can be done at a time, place and pace that suits you. Downtime at work, organised 'learning periods' or working at home, there are many possibilities as our courses are available 24/7. Learners are not pressured to 'keep up' or conversely feel that they are waiting for the 'stragglers' as they can dictate the pace

  • Evidence - downloadable certificates provide evidence of learning and assessment success

  • Up-to-date - training course materials are detailed, accurate and relevant. All our e-learning training courses are always up-to-date: as legislation changes so do the relevant references within the training course. You don't need to do anything as the amendments are applied automatically

Our modules


  • How to test for damp
  • High ground levels
  • High ground levels – solution Type A Systems
  • High ground levels – potential solutions Type C Systems
  • Types of damp
  • Moisture profiling
  • Potential solutions to lateral rainwater solutions
  • Potential solutions to rising damp
  • Potential solutions to condensation

Timber Decay

  • Introduction to woodworm
  • Introduction to fungal decay, dry rot & wet rot
  • Peter Cox – dry rot & wet rot treatments


  • Introduction to wall ties
  • Masonry stabilisation
  • The wall tie survey and how to deal with corroded ties

Peter Cox is a CPD accredited provider

Peter Cox have partnered with the CPD Standards Office in order to provide CPD accredited online learning courses on a range of subjects, from woodworm to different types of damp.

Engaging in CPD activities ensures that qualifications do not become outdated over time and allows individuals to continually up-skill themselves through a range of activities within the industry.

The Benefits

For Individuals, CPD helps keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date, contributes to your professional sense of direction, helps you focus on how to become more effective in your field and how to adapt positively to change within work as well as changes to industry requirements. It also shows a clear commitment to self-development and professionalism.


An increasing number of young people are undertaking CPD activities outside of what is available in schools, colleges and university. Developing skill sets to become more work ready is the main driver in the competitive job market.

CPD enables students to stand out when applying for jobs. Undertaking CPD training in any topic is a way of showing commitment to your development.

Want to find out more?

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