Type B Waterproofing

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Type B Waterproofing

Type B Waterproofing refers to any integrated waterproofing system that results in the property/structure being waterproof by design.

This usually means that the functionality of Type B waterproofing system is established at the waterproofing design stage and integrated during construction. This will most likely involve a build of reinforced concrete aided by a waterproofing feature at construction joints e.g. hydrophilic waterbars or metal waterbars.

Type B waterproofing systems must be designed and built in adherence to specific parameters defined by the British Standards Institute (BSI) code of practice BS8102:2022. These waterproofing regulations and guidelines ensure a successful build.

Type B waterproofing will ordinarily aim to achieve Grade 2 waterproofing results, this means that despite no moisture ingress being acceptable, small areas of damp may occur. This is fine for many commercial applications such as industrial boiler rooms, workshops etc.

That said, the performance of Type B waterproofing is versatile, so Grade 2 is not the limit of its application and improved performance is achievable and a professional waterproofing contractor like Peter Cox will always be able to discuss this at the design stage.

Peter Cox: professional type B waterproofing

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