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Acoustic bird scarer

Bioacoustics can be a very cost effective method to deter pest birds like pigeons, seagulls, starlings, and others. This method uses natural alarm, distress calls and predator warnings to disperse birds. Acoustic bird scarers also allow access to roofs and affected areas that are difficult to otherwise bird proof.

To find out more about how acoustic bird scarers could be used to tackle your pest bird problems continue reading or get in touch with our bird control team by calling us today or send us an online bird proofing enquiry using the form below.

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How do bio-acoustic bird scarers work

The bird specific distress calls and predatory bird warnings are broadcast from our bio-acoustic bird scaring units that can either be fixed to a specific location on the building, or handheld to allow portable protection.

Upon hearing the high quality digital recordings of the calls any nuisance birds will disperse to avoid the perceived threat and will effectively repel them from the area.

Do acoustic bird scarers work on all bird species

Acoustic bird scarers have been shown to work on all types of pest birds, but naturally the recordings need to be programmed to correspond with the actual species of bird that are causing you problems.

To ensure they are correctly identified we will send a qualified bird proofing surveyor to the premises to determine which species of bird present in the area and to tailor a solution that exactly matches your circumstances, whether you are suffering from pigeons, seagulls, starlings or any other avian pest.

Bio-acoustic bird repellent as part of a bird control suite

If used in isolation, then over time the efficacy of these units will begin to wane as the birds in the area begin to acclimatise to the frequent distress calls and predator sounds.

This is why acoustic bird deterrents are best used in collaboration with our other bird deterrent services. This allows you to deploy the acoustic bird repellent units strategically to ensure long lasting success.

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