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Bird wire

Bird wire is the ideal solution for bird proofing buildings where the aesthetic impact is especially important. The discreet and often barely visible bird wire prevents pigeons, seagulls and other pest birds from perching and roosting on treated areas by creating a physical barrier and the unstable feel of the spring-loaded wires will deter all but the most persistent birds.

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How does bird wire work

Bird wire deterrents are a cost effective, versatile and completely humane bird deterrent. Pigeons, Seagulls and other birds are effectively prevented from landing and nesting on treated areas due to the physical barrier that the high tension spring wire creates.

Our technicians install bird wire by setting posts into the structure and threading nylon coated stainless steel wire through the eye of the posts. The wire is then crimped on the outer post, and tensioned along its length using stainless steel.

Compared to other forms of bird deterrents like bird nets or spikes, bird wire is often preferred due to the fact that it is less obtrusive and preserves the look and style of the building far better than other bird deterrents such as bird spikes or nets. We would also advise, however, that despite its aesthetic benefits, bird wire is not quite as effective a deterrent as bird spikes.

Benefits of bird wire deterrent

Amongst our suite of pigeon and bird deterrent systems bird wire is especially popular thanks to its following qualities:

  • Subtle: The tensioned bird wire we use is almost invisible and will not damage the building
  • Protect against different species of pest birds: Effective to prevent both feral pigeons and seagulls from perching on walls, ledges and edges of buildings.
  • Versatile: Variants of our bird wire system can be applied to awkward areas such as gutters, steel beams and pipes.
  • Bespoke: Our bird wire services are completely tailored to the buildings specific requirements in order to attain the best possible bird and pigeon proofing results.

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