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Bird spikes

Bird spikes are a safe, harmless and effective form of bird control where strips of blunt needle-like spikes are attached to building ledges and signage to effectively discourage pigeons, seagulls and other pest birds from perching or nesting on commercial properties.

Our experienced bird control specialists can visit your property to determine if bird spikes would be the most appropriate and efficient bird deterrent for your circumstances, and if so, we have a team of local technicians ready to get started installing them to deal with your nuisance bird problems.

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What is the need for anti bird and pigeon spikes

By deterring perching and roosting, bird and pigeon spikes not only combat the reputational harm to your business caused by the noisy and unhygienic environment that the pests create, but will also minimise the damage the birds can do to the building itself, including blocking gutters and defacement caused by acidic bird fouling and droppings.

This has the additional benefit of allowing you to benefit from decreasing your maintenance costs incurred dealing with cleaning and repair of damage caused by pigeons and other birds.

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Benefits of our bird spike solutions

Our bird spike solutions are used for deterring gulls, pigeons and similar sized birds. As a business, installing our anti bird spikes brings the following benefits:

  • Nonintrusive - can be installed without causing damage to the building
  • Wide range of protection - Can be applied to various surfaces such as ledges, sills and chimneys
  • Long-lasting - our pigeon and bird spikes will not decay due to weather or bird fouling
  • Gutter Protection: A modification of the regular bird spikes is available for guttering. The main benefit of this system is that it allows the free flowing of rainwater along the gutter system without clogging it up with leaf or litter debris.

Do spikes harm pigeons or other birds

Bird spikes are designed to be uncomfortable when a pigeon, seagull or any other pest bird tries to land on them, but will not cause any injury or harm. 

Due to their harmless nature, bird spikes are the preferred method of bird control by the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) and the RSPCA because they deal with the problem without killing or injuring birds.

Our bird spike specifications

The 3mm thick product base is made from high quality ultra violet (UV) stabilised clear polycarbonate and are fitted with a series of angled stainless steel 304 grade wires.

The length of each strip is approximately 337mm. The length of each wire is 122mm and has a diameter of approximately 1.42mm.

Are bird spikes the best bird deterrent for you

In order to determine if bird spikes are the best solution to your pest bird problems, or if you would benefit from another form of bird deterrent, we will send a qualified surveyor to the premises to conduct a bird proofing investigation.

Depending on the outcome of the survey we will have a team of local technicians at hand ready to install the required bird deterrent.

Contact the bird spike specialists

To discuss bird spikes or other methods to deter pigeons, seagulls and other nuisance birds from perching and roosting on your premises simply give us a call today or send us an online enquiry using the button below and our bird proofing team will get back to you.

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