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Waterproofing brickwork

As part of our penetrating damp treatments, along with helping to rectify any problems caused by penetrating damp, we can also help to protect your property from future penetrating damp and rain penetration issues with our special formula cream for waterproofing brickwork - Drywall Thermotek

Treating external walls with DryWall Thermotek waterproofing brickwork cream prevents the masonry  surface from absorbing water allowing you to protect brick, stone and concrete walls from rain penetration for up to 10 years. It even comes with the added benefit of a thermal barrier helping to prevent heat from escaping your property.

What is Drywall Thermotek? Why use it to waterproof brickwork?

DryWall Thermotek is a colourless and breathable solution that when applied to brick or masonry walls will permeate the surface deeply before drying to form an insulating, water-repellent barrier that will effectively prevent the water ingress necessary for penetrating damp problems to occur.

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Improving the thermal performance of brickwork and masonry

By preventing the absorption of water, our Drywall Thermotek waterproofing brickwork solution ensures homeowners waterproof their external walls from rain penetration  while also saving money on energy bills by retaining heat that would have been lost through a thermally inefficient wet wall.

From tests carried out, surfaces treated with our Drywall Thermotek waterproofing brickwork solution showed that energy savings of up to 27% are possible due to reductions in thermal conductivity when compared to standard non treated masonry.

With many older properties in the UK constructed with single skin walls that are unsuitable for cavity wall insulation, our Drywall Thermotek brickwork waterproofing solution provides the additional insulation necessary minimising heat loss while reducing both energy bills and the carbon footprint.

Features and benefits of waterproofing brickwork and masonry

  • Repels rain penetration and is scientifically proven to reduce heat loss.
  • Can provide an energy bill saving of up to 27%.
  • Colourless formula ensures that within 48 hours the original looks and features of the masonry will be retained.
  • Penetrates surfaces up to 12mm - much deeper than traditional liquid applied masonry water repellents.
  • Helps to increases life expectancy of the wall by waterproofing small cracks both on the surface and in the depths of the brickwork.
  • It works by lining the pores rather than blocking them, so the masonry is allowed to breathe and does not suffer from increased frost damage (spalling).

Once our technicians apply the Drywall Thermotek waterproofing solution to your brickwork or masonry, your walls should be back to their normal look within 48 hours. 

 Our masonry and brickwork waterproofing service has also been approved by the bodies that govern the industry, while our unique formula DryWall Thermotek is the ONLY surface water repellent treatment to be BBA approved.

We have such confidence and assurance in our Drywall Thermotek brickwork waterproofing solution that we guarantee the treatment for 10 years after application.

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