Penetrating Damp

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Penetrating damp treatment

Penetrating damp treatment begins with identifying and correcting the defect in the building that is allowing water ingress to penetrate. When trying to identify the source of the penetrating damp issue, consider the following:

  • Do you have any leaking gutters/downpipes?
  • Do you have ageing porous brickwork?
  • Is there defective pointing?
  • Do you have Inadequate drip grooves under window sills?
  • Do you have defective seals around doors and windows?
  • Are you aware of any defective plumbing?
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Next steps for penetrating damp treatment

Once the source of the penetrating damp has been addressed, consideration regarding penetrating damp treatment can begin.  

For minor cases of penetrating damp: this can be identified and treated through the application of some DIY measures. You can find out more by visiting our web page on stop penetrating damp - DIY tips.

For more serious cases of penetrating damp: along with the replacement of the plasterwork, it may be discovered that the penetrating damp has caused wet rot or dry rot and potentially harmful black mould. In addition, if the dampness has been caused by bridging through the wall insulation, we have professional solutions to deal with that. 

The above is something you want to repair before going any further. There is no point with starting the decorative work within the property if it is simply going to be affected by continuing damp problems. 

Our professional penetrating damp treatments

In order to protect and preserve your property from penetrating damp and other related issues Peter Cox offer a comprehensive range of  solutions of penetrating damp treatments. Our approach is as follows:

  • 1. Surveyor visiting your property - This is to determine if you have penetrating damp or not. Our surveyor will inspect the outside of the property and inside and will identify whether or not any penetrating damp treatments are necessary.

  • 2. Identifying and removing the source of moisture - If our surveyor identifies that penetrating damp is present in the property then they will advise and recommend on the best course of action to eliminate the source of water ingress.

  • 3. Treatment for brickwork and masonry walls - Once the source of moisture is rectified, our unique waterproofing solution for brickwork and masonry will protect your property from additional moisture ingress.

  • 4. Solutions for your plaster - Any affected plaster will be removed and replace using specialist damp resistant plaster.

  • 5. Repairing damaged and defective timbers - If timbers have been infected with dry or wet rot, these can be either treated, protected or replaced.

  • 6. Black mould removal service - If necessary, if the property has been affected by black mould we can additional clean and treat this for you.

What makes us great at penetrating damp treatment

Our experienced and qualified surveyors are industry leaders in identifying, diagnosing and treating penetrating damp.

Our processes have been approved and ratified by the bodies that govern our industry. We are proud of our years of experience and know how when it comes to penetrating damp.  However, do not just take our word for it. Read what other people say within the reviews stream below.

Leaving your home clean after treating penetrating damp

Solving penetrating damp will involve fixing the problem with the building that has allowed water ingress into your property. It is often unavoidable that this will cause dust and debris to enter rooms where work is being conducted.

That is why our damp proofing teams are equipped with Hilti dust management and extraction units. Our commitment to our clients is that we will leave your home in walk-in condition after our treatment services.

What our customers say about our penetrating damp services

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