Dry Rot Infestation in property basement

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What causes dry rot?

Dry rot is caused when humidity and poor ventilation combine to provide the perfect habitat for fungal growth. As such, dry rot can attack any type of property from the very old to the newly built if the conditions are correct.

Dry rot spores are ever-present in the air around us. When they come into contact with timber, and the conditions are correct, they will germinate and produce hyphae. Hyphae are fine white strands of fungal growth that look similar to cobwebs. As these hyphae strands amass they begin to form the next stage of dry rot growth known as Mycelium. This cotton-wool-like mass will grow into and across any damp timber it comes into contact with. It can even grow through plaster, mortar and bricks in its quest for more timber.

Finally, the growth will develop into a “fruiting body” or sporophore. This fruiting body often resembles a large rusty mushroom. The fruiting body will then pump more dry rot spores into the atmosphere starting the whole process again.

Unbelievably, this whole process can be caused by just a little water ingress and the right temperature.

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How quickly does dry rot spread?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question.

The essential pre conditions that will cause a dry rot outbreak are:

  • Dry rot spores
  • Poor sub floor ventilation
  • Timber
  • Moisture
  • Oxygen

Whether a dry rot outbreak begins, or how quickly it spreads, really depends on how favourable these conditions are.
Conditions will also play a part in how quickly dry rot can complete its life cycle.

Treating dry rot

Because dry rot can have serious repercussions on a property, it is vital to treat the problem as soon as it is identified. Without treatment the dry rot will live, grow and destroy the structural integrity of timbers in your property.

If you suspect dry rot is present in your property we would recommend contacting the dry rot treatment professionals at Peter Cox on 0800 633 5712 or contact us using the online contact form below.

Our highly trained and qualified surveyors and technicians have been treating dry rot since 1951 from our numerous local branches all across the UK. This means there will always be a dry rot treatment expert near you.

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