Damp proof plaster

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Damp proof plaster

After a damp treatment it is essential that the correct plastering materials are used to prevent future damage to internal decorations. This is why Peter Cox always includes a damp proof plaster solution that is complete with a salt retardant plaster solution called DryWall for every damp related job that we do.

Our salt retardant damp proof plaster is especially useful after a remedial damp proof course has been installed to solve rising damp problems. Read on for more benefits of our damp proof plaster or get in touch to discuss it with our team.

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When to use damp proof plaster

Cases of rising damp will frequently leave behind water attracting hygroscopic salts in the wall. Using Drywall salt retardant plaster when replastering ensures that any remaining salts left inside the wall will not migrate to the wall.

DryWall is also useful for dry rot work and other problem situations.

The key benefits of damp proof plaster

  • DryWall Salt Retardant Additive - - A high specification additive for sand and cement renders which are used to retard the movement of salts to the internal face of the wall. DryWall also improves workability, reduces water demand yet allows the render to remain vapour permeable.

  • Looks Great and is Future Proof - - DryWall is easily diluted on site with water, to form a working gauging solution. A plaster skim finish will be applied internally matching existing plaster, meaning no visual differences between the salt damp proof plaster and standard finishes. Also, a variety of finishes can be applied as a topcoat, meaning you can decorate your space as normal after our damp proof plaster is applied.

  • Additional Features and Benefits - - Our damp proofing plaster uses EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) emulsion as a bonding agent and as a salt retardant additive, preventing the migration of salts. EVA coating allows the wall to breathe so residual moisture can dry off through the plaster finish (Only light non-vinyl decorations should be used for 12 months). EVA is also microporous allowing the wall to breathe.

More info on our damp proof plaster

Traditional lightweight plasters are not able to prevent salts migrating to the surface, but our DryWall damp proof plaster can perform this function.

If you want to know more about our damp proof plaster solutions you can call our expert team today. Alterantively, if you belive the damp problem in your property needs a survey from one of our experts you can book one online by clicking the button below.

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