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Wet rot insurance

Conventional household and contents insurers rarely provide policies that cover against attacks by wood-rotting fungi. Peter Cox Property Insurance provides insurance protection against the worrying risks associated with wet rot. We insure residential properties, covering a full range of properties from flats, to houses and mansions.

Not only that, our insurance policy covers other wood rotting fungal conditions such as dry rot.

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Why get wet rot insurance?

Wet rot is a fungus that attacks timber in properties, and is a serious form of timber decay. Although not as serious as dry rot, wet rot has the potential to cause serious structural damage to your home if left untreated. This can be a time consuming and expensive procedure depending on the damage caused.

Most contents insurance policies will not cover you against outbreaks of wet rot and dry rot. This is why Peter Cox Property Insurance can offer customers complete peace of mind.

What does our wet rot insurance policy cover?

A Peter Cox Property Insurance policy for wet rot will cover the following:

  • Inspection when necessary to evaluate what, if any, wet rot treatment is required.
  • Replacement or reinforcement of affected timbers to ensure they are strong and stable.
  • Repair of any wall and ceiling plaster that is disturbed while we treat or replace the timbers.

For further information regarding our wet rot insurance cover you can download our policy document for more information.
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Download our policy document

How to get wet rot insurance?

It couldn’t be easier to insure your home with Peter Cox. Simply arrange for a Peter Cox surveyor to inspect your property and, based on the survey and your requirements, appropriate insurance cover can be provided.

To arrange a Wet Rot Survey, contact your local Peter Cox branch office on 0800 633 5712 or click the button below.

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