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Black mould cleaner

Our expert technicians are equipped with specialist formula black mould cleaner in order to remove this black mould from your property.

Once our fully trained specialists treat the affected surface with our black mould cleaner, they will provide essential advice and guidance on how to prevent the mould from reoccurring. If you have noticed the appearance of black mould on your walls or other surfaces then we recommend getting in touch with us to minimise any further spread and to ensure that it does not become harmful or hazardous to your health.

What is black mould cleaner

Our black mould cleaner is a chemical treatment that will:

  • Treat mould from any surface
  • Sterilise the affected area
  • Reduce the incidence of re-growth
  • Eliminate musty odours
  • Is completely biodegradable

Our black mould cleaner service - how it works

At Peter Cox, we are one of the few damp specialist that offer a dedicated black mould cleaning service.

Our professional black mould cleaner service will remove any trace of black spot mould from your property. Arriving at a convenient and pre-arranged time our specialist will:

  • Apply the black mould cleaner to the affected area, remove the mould growth and wipe down the surface.
  • Leave the black mould cleaner to take effect for 30 minutes.
  • Wipe down and sterilize the walls to neutralise the chemical treatment, leaving the surfaces completely harmless.
  • Treat the area with an additive that will act to reduce the re-emergence of the mould.

Once the treatment is complete our fully trained and qualified technician will provide you with help and advice on how to keep the area well ventilated in order to prevent the buildup of moisture required for the emergence of the black mould fungus.

Is black mould cleaner suitable for my property

Whether applied on a wall in a privately owned house, or in the stairway of a block of local authority owned flats, our black mould cleaner service will ensure that the process is completely safe and harmless.

In order to provide our unique black mould cleaning treatment it is essential that we speak to either the homeowner or landlord. If you are renting or otherwise do not own the property then you may wish to talk to your landlord or local housing authority to discuss our professional black mould cleaning service with them.

Contact us about black mould cleaner

If you feel that you need professional help to get rid of black spot mould then Peter Cox have unmatched experience in the industry. We have a local team at hand on 0800 633 5712 ready to discuss how our black mould cleaner can return your property to a safe and habitable space free from black mould, or if you would prefer to book a survey online simply click the button below.
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