Peter Cox Property 20 year gaurantee covers woodworm reoccuring

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Woodworm guarantee

As the market leader in property preservation, we are so assured and confident about the quality of our woodworm treatment services that we offer a woodworm guarantee of up to 20 years.
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A real and meaningful woodworm guarantee

Peter Cox was founded in 1951 and over that period of time we have issued and honoured over 500,000 long term guarantees. This long and proud trading history gives absolute reassurance to our customers that our guarantees are real and meaningful

Covering every aspect of our woodworm treatment service, our woodworm guarantees have been ratified by the bodies that govern the property care industry allowing our customers complete peace of mind that they are dealing with a company they can trust.

Insurance backed dry rot guarantee

We can also offer Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBG) to our customers, via Guarantee Protection Insurance Ltd (GPI).

The purpose of an IBG is to provide insurance backing to a written workmanship and/or material guarantee, given by a building contractor to a domestic or commercial customer (the owner of the insured works). This essentially means that in the unlikely event that Peter Cox could not fulfil our guarantee then another company approved by the Property Care Association (PCA) would take over the responsibility.

Ask your surveyor or local branch contact for more information.

What if the woodworm returns?

We are fiercely proud of our hard earned reputation for quality and customer satisfaction, however, should something go wrong, then we will be there for you to fix it. Simply contact the branch who conducted the work and explain the situation and we will arrange a re-inspection of your property.

Our woodworm guarantee could not be more straightforward, if for any reason our woodworm treatment does not work and it is guaranteed, we will put it right.

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