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Woodworm Control & Treatment

A woodworm infestation in the home can cause serious damage to structural and decorative timber. Woodworm treatment services from Peter Cox’s woodworm specialists ensure that woodworm damage to property is minimised and the risk of future woodworm attacks is curtailed.

How can I tell if I have woodworm?

Woodworm is actually a generic name for an entire group of beetles that complete part of their life cycle in timber and potentially can be found anywhere there is timber in the home. Typically that could mean the roof rafters, floor joists, floor boards, skirting boards and of course any wooden furniture.

Some woodworm species like damp conditions while others are quite at home in dry conditions. The female will lay her eggs in cracks and fissures in timber. It is the larvae – or the ‘worm’ stage where woodworm gets its name – that actually do the damage as they burrow inside the wood. After a period of activity they then ‘pupate’ and hatch into adult beetles, at which point they will bore their way to the open air through flight holes. These ‘flight holes’ can be seen in the surface of the timber and indicate ‘fresh’ woodworm activity. You may even see adult beetles coming out of the holes to start the whole process again – usually through April to September.

woodworm damage

Damage caused by woodworm

Our Professional Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm treatment from Peter Cox woodworm specialists is a three-step process:

  1. Our experts must complete a woodworm survey to assess the affected areas and the type of woodworm infestation affecting your property.

  2. This may necessitate the lifting of floorboards or roof insulation and the cleaning of dust or debris.

  3. We then apply an insecticidal formula to the wood which eliminates the insects on contact as they pass through the timber. This method of woodworm treatment allows the homeowner to reoccupy the room after just one hour. Our water-based formula is generally applied by spray but can also be applied by brush or injection in gel or paste formulations.

To find out more about our specialist woodworm treatment contact us on 0808 274 6634 or fill out our homeowners form to book a free survey.

Woodworm Species

There are a number of different species of woodworm, which attack different kinds of timber and need different conditions in which to breed. Whichever type of woodworm is attacking your property, however, the effects are the same – woodworm larvae boring through your timber, potentially causing vast amounts of damage and weakening the structure.

Timber Repairs

We may deem it necessary to remove and replace severely infested timbers as part of the woodworm treatment. For more information on our timber replacement methods, see our timber repairs page.

To find out more about woodworm and the conditions in which it thrives, see our woodworm identification and damp timber and woodworm pages.

To book a woodworm survey, fill in the form on the right of the page or visit our contact page.

I'm sure that businesses come and go in your trade but your Company has been in existence for a long time. My recent experience demonstrates why this is the case.   Our 30 year guarantee had almost expired when we recently discovered woodworm infestation in the previously treated roofing joists. I understood why you wanted to charge the refundable fee for the survey and took the risk in requesting it. However, I anticipated that you would attempt to "wriggle" out of the guarantee and was ready for an argument with your surveyor. My cynicism was totally unfounded. Your surveyor efficiently identified the problem and confirmed that the area would be re-treated - I didn't have to say anything. Your operative subsequently did the treatment work efficiently and with a high standard of housekeeping. In both cases, they were friendly and courteous.   In effect, I'm impressed with the professional and ethical characteristics of your Company and I'm extremely pleased that I engaged you.

, Cumbria
October 3rd, 2011