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Damp proof cream

Damp proof cream is a rising damp treatment that offers a good alternative to the traditional chemical injection damp proof course (DPC).

This cream based damp proof course uses our Drywall+ Silane Diffusion technology to create a water repellent barrier preventing any moisture rising through the masonry capillaries. No liquid is involved so the wall dries out much quicker. Also, because the cream is not injected under pressure it is suitable for party walls.

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How does damp proof cream work?

The cream diffuses with the aid of moisture in the wall and releases a silane vapour that reacts with the silica in the masonry forming a water repellent resin. The cream is non-flammable and has no odour, is non-caustic and solvent free. DryWall Silane Diffusion can be applied to remedy rising damp in walls of any type and thickness, including brick and stone construction, external and internal walls. It can even be used for 280mm cavity brick walls.

The system also carries an Agreement Certificate No 02/3976

Other DryWall coating systems

Similar DryWall Coating Systems available form Peter Cox include:

Peter Cox Porestop Slurry: Waterproofing for internal wall areas below the damp proof course (DPC) level. This includes areas of high salt efflorescence, such as chimney breasts, or steps in the floor level.

DryWall Coating System: The base coat of the DryWall coating system is applied to the prepared wall. This includes a DryWall salt retardant additive to prevent hygroscophic salt migration into the new plastering.

DryWall Top Coat: A DryWall top coat applied to the base coat ready for plastering.

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Peter Cox had a network of local branches all across the UK so one of our damp proofing experts is never too far away from your property.

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