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Sump pumps

Sump pumps are the beating heart of a basement waterproofing system. Sump pumps will pump any water that has been collected by wall waterproofing solutions like structural waterproof membrane and basement floor drainage, and take it away from the property to a place where it is no longer a problem.

Sump pumps are very useful when a basement or cellar is suffering from regular flooding.

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What to look for in a sump pump?

If your basement or cellar does suffer from leaks and flooding, it is important that the sump pump you choose is reliable. It should be powerful enough to cope with a heavy amount of rainfall and have adequate battery back-up and an alarm in case of power failure.

At Peter Cox, the sump pump systems we offer are tough enough to be part of the water management solution to any kind of property - commercial or domestic.
Our sump pumps can handle thousands of gallons per hour, they are resistant to clogging and can pump away solids such as sediment and dirt. A well-maintained sump pump from Peter Cox will stand up to even the harshest water ingress problems and perform dependably for years.

If you need complete peace of mind that your basement or cellar will stay dry, then our sump pump system are for you.

Sump pumps as part of a waterproofing system

While sump pumps are a vital part of a modern waterproofing system, they are not the only waterproofing products Peter Cox use to keep basements or cellars dry. To find out more about how waterproofing products combine to create a waterproofing system click on the links below

Professional sump pump installation from Peter Cox

Do you have an questions about sump pumps that you want answered by a knowledgeable professional? The team at Peter Cox will be able to discuss your waterproofing needs with you and even arrange for our team visit your property and asses the best waterproofing solution for your property. Call Peter Cox today on 0800 633 5712 or fill out our online contact form and someone from your local branch will get back to you.

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