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Structural waterproof membrane

Structural waterproof membrane is a solution for earth retaining walls that are suffering from damp problems and leaks. Membranes are a relatively modern way of dealing with damp problems and they are incredibly successful in basement conversions.

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How does structural waterproof membrane work

The structural waterproof membrane is fitted to the wall in large plastic sheets. The membrane itself is strong, hard-wearing and waterproof and bumps on its surface create a gap between it and the wall – it is this gap that allows the membrane to deal with any water ingress.

It manages and controls water ingress from the earth surrounding the walls by allowing water to flow into a gap between the waterproof membrane and the basement or cellar wall. It then directs this water into a drainage system to be channelled safely away from the property.

The benefits of structural waterproof membrane

Structural waterproof membrane is can be installed quickly, it is flexible enough to be installed in a wide variety of spaces, it is easy to maintain and is covered by a Peter Cox waterproofing 10-year guarantee.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using membrane is that is not susceptible to cracking under the strain of external hydrostatic pressure. This is a common problem faced by traditional forms of wall waterproofing like cementitious tanking. Peter Cox often find ourselves recommending a structural waterproof membrane system when a cementitious tanking system fails.

Additionally, structural waterproof membrane is unlikely to be effected by vibrations from nearby roads, railways or undergrounds.

If you are planning to convert a domestic basement or cellar to function as new room in the home, waterproof membranes can have plaster applied directly onto them or be dry lined. This means you can have a waterproofing systems protecting your basement that is completely integrated into your domestic fixtures and fittings.

Structural waterproof membrane: part of a waterproofing system

Structural waterproofing membrane is a fantastic innovation in waterproofing but it usually needs to work as part of a larger waterproofing system. Click the links below to discover how structural waterproofing membrane can interact with basement floor drainage and sump pumps to form a complete water management system.

Peter Cox: professional structural waterproof membrane installation

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