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Waterproofing survey

Peter Cox understand the meticulous attention to detail required in a waterproofing survey. Our professional surveys are carried out by some of the most experienced and qualified waterproofing surveyors in the industry. With more than 30 years structural waterproofing experience, and the backing of numerous trade bodies, Peter Cox can be trusted to diagnose and and treat any damp or water ingress problems your property is suffering from.

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The Peter Cox process for waterproofing surveys

A structural waterproofing survey will consist of an internal examination of the space, usually a basement or cellar. During this time, our surveyor will inspect for potential water ingress and signs of damp. Our expert surveyor will then perform an external analysis of the basement or cellar. They will also measure the lowest part of the basement or cellar to asses where the water ingress will travel to.

If your property already has a waterproofing system installed, our surveyor will perform an inspection of its condition and asses why it has failed to prevent the water ingress problems your property is suffering from.

Why choose Peter Cox for a waterproofing survey?

Peter Cox surveyors use specialist surveying and photographic equipment to provide evidence of the problems affecting the space.

The main reason for using this diagnostic equipment is because a large amount of the damage caused by water ingress is often hidden from view. The use of structural waterproofing diagnostics equipment backs up any recommendations from our surveyors, making them completely certain in their analysis and offer the customer complete peace of mind that the recommendations they are paying for are correct.

Additionally, the surveyor can be more accurate regarding any costs for required work.

A waterproofing survey report can be also be produced by our surveyor. This report will detail the surveyor’s observations precisely and will include an estimate for any work required.

What happens after a waterproofing survey?

If you are happy with the recommendations made by our surveyor, our expert team of highly trained technicians can get to work installing a robust waterproofing system that will keep your basement or cellar dry.

You can also rest assured that the professional work carried out by our surveyor and technicians is backed by our 10-year waterproofing guarantee.

Booking a waterproofing survey with Peter Cox

If you want some professional help and advice then booking a waterproofing survey from Peter Cox is simple. Call 0800 633 5712 today to talk to a member of our team who will assist you in arranging a survey.

Alternatively, you can fill in our online form and one of our structural waterproofing team will get back to you.

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